4 Easy Techniques to Help You Fight Overthinking Fast

Overthinking causes misery and distress to many people nowadays.

Being able to produce deep thoughts is necessary for intelligent individuals, but keeping your brain active above normal limits because you are obsessed with thinking is a an issue not to be neglected.

Overthinking often makes people invent problems that don’t actually exist, causes stress and leads to anxiety.

Those who overthink tend to have negative perspective about the possible outcomes of difficult situations and usually wouldn’t even try to solve a problem because they “already know that things won’t work out”.

So, don’t wait obsessive thoughts to turn into a serious, chronic problem. Check this 4 techniques that are easy and will help you fight overthinking in no time.


People try to predict the future in order to overcome challenges in the longer perspective.  This is a double-edge sword though. Being cautious about the future consequences of our present actions is wise. But this often makes you think too much about events that might never come true, which is stressful and totally needless.

The same goes for the past. We tend to keep thinking about mistakes from times which are long gone. We overanalyze situations that no longer exist. Not that we mustn’t learn from the past but staying stuck in it is meaningless. Keep the lesson and move on.

Concentrate on the here and now, on the present. Stop trying to predict the future or live in the past. The first hasn’t come and the latter is gone forever. Live in the moment and think only about it. And you’ll notice how your obsessive thoughts start to fade away…


People who suffer from overthinking usually dwell on the negative and need to shift their perception and see the bright side of life. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

What might turn out a good strategy is to consciously stress on the good side of things. For example, if it is raining outside, don’t get depressed. Tell yourself how peaceful and relaxing it is to watch the rain through the window with a cup of hot milk, instead.

It’s also better to avoid activities which annoy you or make you nervous. If you don’t like washing the dishes, just don’t. Try spending time doing your hobby which distracts you from overthinking and makes you happy.


Walking in the nature gives us the opportunity to escape from the busy city life and to spend some pleasant time in our own company. It can be extremely therapeutic as well. Taking a trip to a park, going for a hike, visiting a botanical garden, or simply going for a stroll on a very lush street might be what you need to get rid of the heavy thoughts you’ve been obsessed with.


The founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud said that “Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair;” . People who have obsessive thoughts are easily influenced by them. They might think over and over about what they’ve been told or what they’ve told someone.

So, to beat overthinking we must chose our words wisely and to stick to positive vocabulary. A good option is to use daily affirmations . These are short statements which express positive messages. This way we will keep up our good spirit and won’t let obsessive thoughts overwhelm us.

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