Teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old student begs court to go on family vacation

Female teacher, put on house arrest for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student, has begged the court to go on a family holiday. 

  • A female Geography teacher, 23, has been accused of repeatedly having sex with a 14-year-old student.
  • After five weeks in prison, she was put under house arrest. 
  • Despite her charges, the teacher begged the court to go on a five-day vacation with her family. 

Monica Elizabeth Young, a 23-year-old Geography teacher, has been charged for her alleged illicit liaisons with the teenage boy during June and July, Daily Mail reports.

Credits: Matrix News for Daily Mail Australia

On August 13, after Young had spent five weeks behind bars, she was granted $850,000 bail which was paid by her grandmother. The bail involved strict conditions – Monica was put under house arrest, and she was allowed to leave her home only for her daily police reports, while accompanied by her parents.

Despite being put under house arrest for taking advantage of an underage student, the teacher begged authorities to be allowed to go on a holiday. Her family had booked a five-day family holiday and appeared on Burwood Local Court to express their ill-fitted request to Magistrate Susan Horan.

Gazi Abbas, Young’s solicitor, told the court that she is willing to report twice a day to Swansea police station during the vacation. He declared:

“I don’t think it’s extremely controversial, and it would be unfair to her parents if they can’t go. It would be quite a big burden if the application is not accepted.”

Monica Young and her parents | Credits: Matrix Pictures

According to the prosecutor, letting Young go on that holiday increased the risk of her interfering with another child.

Given the severity of the crime the teacher had committed, Magistrate Horan, understandably, agreed with the prosecution. She ruled the unacceptable risks were too great to allow Young’s request:

“The defendant engaged in risk taking behave sometimes proximity to students… and serious lack of judgement. The Supreme Court imposed strict bail conditions for good reason. The risks are not mitigated [by the defence’s submissions] and would allow her freer movement. I hear what you’re saying, [her parents] planned a trip and may not be able to go and that may be unfair, but they offered themselves up.”

In solicitor Abbas’ words, the convict was living with her grandmother, who was unable to escort her to the police station, so her parents did that for her. He insisted that if Young was not allowed to go to Summerland Point, she wouldn’t be able to attend her bail reporting during those days.

Monica Young and her solicitor Gazi Abbas | Credits: Matrix News

A police statement revealed that the Geography teacher is accused of having sex with her pupil in her car. 

According to CCTV footage, in August, Young’s car was approaching a park. However, what happened inside the vehicle was not captured, so she denied any intercourse occurred that day.

During another alleged illicit interaction between the teacher and the student, the pair has behaved inappropriately in the classroom. Police believe that the incident may have been seen by another student.

There was also a picture Young had sent to the 14-year-old on Snapchat. The snap was of herself lying on a bed saying: “I’m waiting for him”

Despite all the evidence, the teacher’s barrister Ian Lloyd QC claimed that there were no signs of an actual sexual activity between Young and her pupil. However, the Crown opposed bail, arguing that the case against Young “is not weak at all.” 

Credits: Matrix News

As per prosecutor Scott Jaegar, the 23-year-old could pose a risk to the alleged victim or “other children” she may have targeted. Contrarily, Abbas has indicated Young, who was engaged to be married, will take the matter to trial. A source closely related to the investigation said:

“At this stage there is no real corroboration of any of the complaints. It’s his words against hers.”

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