Teacher Taped Calling Student N-Word During Class Has Been Put On Leave

An Oklahoma teacher was put on leave after she was recorded calling a Black student the N-word. 

The clip. which was shared all over social media, shows an argument between a Holdenville High School teacher and a student who wants to exit her class.

As the boy is heard telling someone on the phone that he is going to ‘walk home’, she tells him:

“I’m keeping you here.”

Later on, the teacher can be seen trying to block the student from leaving.

“Watch where you touch me,” the boy says, before breaking free from her grasp.

As the argument gets even more heated and the student uses the N-word himself, the teacher is heard saying:

“You better get yourself over there [N-word], do it!”

“I asked you. I said, ‘What would happen if I said it?’ Right? And so, you didn’t think it was okay,” she says, referring to him using the word, while the rest of the class cannot believe their ears.

The boy then takes her glasses and mask and throws them to the floor.

“Call the police. Call the police,” the teacher then says to the other students, and one of them responds by saying, “I’m calling.”

After the shocking altercation, Holdenville School District told News 9 that it ‘is fully aware of the incident’.

The district is now conducting a thorough investigation into what went down, and they said the teacher will ‘remain on administrative leave through the duration of a full investigation’.

They said the following:

“Holdenville Public Schools main priority is the safety and well-being of our students. The district is fully aware of the incident that occurred at our high school on Friday, April 9, 2021. At this time, the staff member in question has been placed on administrative leave and will be through the duration of a full investigation is completed.”

Shawna Jim, a woman whose niece is a student at the school, told the publication that she wants to see the teacher get punished.

“I want her out of the classroom. If she thinks language like that is acceptable or appropriate in a classroom full of students, I don’t think she should be an educator,” she said.

On social media, upset parents chimed in by saying:

“She was antogonising him. He had so much restraint,” one person commented.

Another defended the teacher by saying:

“Yes, as a teacher you are expected to deal with kids. I wouldn’t call him a “kid”. I feel sorry for this teacher and the next,lost generation of young people…”

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