Teacher Condemned For Handing Out Flyers Telling Kids They Can Have An Abortion At 11

Tacoma, Washington: A middle school has come under fire after one of its educators handed out materials advising kids on abortions and sex. 

According to Tacoma Public Schools, it was just a mistake.

The flyers were printed by Planned Parenthood, and they contained information about how children can get abortions “AT ANY AGE” without needing consent from their parents. The flyers advised that condoms could be used “AT ANY AGE” and that a child as young as 11 can have sex if the other child was two years older or younger than them. There was also a section regarding birth control prescription without a parent’s permission as well as emergency contraception without a prescription.

Radio host Jason Rantz, who reported on the flyer, told Fox News it showed “a stunning lack of judgment.”

“In fact, I think one can reasonably conclude it was willful, that the teacher may have suspected the flyer to be inappropriate but passed it out anyway,” Rantz added.

He also noted that according to the school district it was just an error on their part.

Reportedly, Eric Hogan, the assistant director of secondary education for the district, said the material was only handed out at Stewart Middle School and that “corrective action has been taken with this employee.”

“Previously, Planned Parenthood taught within our schools and supplied the flyer that was distributed to students,” Hogan said.

“We discovered a binder of curriculum materials was left behind for an incoming teacher to use for this year, and this flyer was in the binder. Not realizing the flyer wasn’t approved material, the teacher sent it home with students.”

The unrest regarding the flyer came after a serious pushback from American parents who are angered about far-left educational materials in school – mainly concerning race and gender.

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