Tattoo model Amber Luke reveals what she looked like before all the ink and fillers

Tattoo model Amber Luke has revealed what she looked like before covering her whole body in tattoos.Β 

Previously, we told you about how Instagram model Amber Luke, who had 98% of her body covered in tattoos, found a way to get even more ink. Amber has now decided to open up about her looks before she had any tattoos or face fillers.

Ever since Luke was 16, she has been constantly adding new ink to her body and undergoing various procedures, including tattooing her eyeballs and splitting her tongue. She now has over 600 tattoos all over her skin, along with a number of piercings.

While the model’s fans adore her for her extravagant appearance, many have asked her to reveal what she looked like before the transformation.Β 

As LADbible notes, Amber, who is based in Brisbane, Australia, could not have looked more different!

Apart from the hundreds of tattoos on her body, the IG model has had her fave tatted up as well. Some of her face ink shows calligraphy writings, stars, the number 666 as a sign for her satanic beliefs, and more.

Amber admitted she had spent over $70,000AUD on modifying her body.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the model shared that not everyone approves of her extreme look. She said:

β€œI gained a lot of support and positive vibes from complete strangers – there was always the few nasty opinionated ones who try to make you feel inadequate, but I never let them get to me.Β 

[To the trolls], if you’re reading this and you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. You never know what a person’s going through in their personal lives, be kind. I’m not harming anyone in the process, I’m doing what I want to do, and if it makes me get up in the morning and be a happy person, then so be it.”

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