Talented makeup artist can transform herself into ANYONE she wants

An incredibly gifted Chinese makeup artist can transform her face to look like any celebrity she wants.

He Yuhong

He Yuhong, a beauty vlogger from China, stuns millions around the world with her exceptional skills. As My Modern Met notes, she definitely knows how to take the makeup artistry to the next level.

He Yuhong as Daenerys from GOT

The brilliant makeup enthusiast can alter her face to look like anyone she wants. During some of her most popular makeovers, she turned herself into Johnny Depp, Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein, and even Daenerys from Game of Thrones. All her striking transformations make her an astonishingly versatile artist.

He Yuhong as Johnny Depp
He Yuhong as Albert Einstein
He Yuhong as Audrey Hepburn

What’s more, Yuhong’s social media presence is almost as remarkable as her talent.

She has over 734k followers on her Instagram account and more than 45k subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts videos of her jaw-dropping makeup imitations.

He Yuhong as Taylor Swift

Alongside one of her videos, the incredibly skilled beauty vlogger wrote:

“Once you see your face as a blank sheet of paper, the opportunities are endless.”

He Yuhong as Robert Downey Jr.

But the talented artist doesn’t impersonate celebrities only. She can also turn her face into any painting she wants.

He Yuhong as Mona Lisa

So far, she has been Mona Lisa, the Lady with an Ermine, and the Girl with a Pearl Earring. Yuhong shares:

“I love oil paintings myself. So, when I saw the great response on the Mona Lisa video, I went on to create Lady with an Ermine to continue the Da Vinci theme.”

He Yuhong as the Lady with an Ermine
He Yuhong as the Girl with a Pearl Earring

What do you think of He Yuhong’s talent? Leave a comment to let us know!

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