Why YOU Should Take a Vacation – TODAY!

take vacation
Everybody needs a break now and again. Working, parenting, going to school, whatever stresses you out, should be in the rear view for at least a little bit from time to time. After all, you deserve it!

Never been on a vacation? No worries! It’s always a good time to take a vacation. If you work then request some time off even if it’s just for a few days.

If you’re a stay at home parent or spouse, then get a babysitter and discuss with your significant other about taking a weekend trip somewhere. Many people think that they “can’t even” afford to take a vacation, but that genuinely depend on where you plan to go. Short on cash? Google up some good hiking or camping sites near you. The outdoor experience is always a relaxing one and is usually fairly cheap to have. Most national parks will likely charge you an entry fee of some sort, but usually you can go camping for under $50, or in some cases, for free. Not the camping/hiking type? Hit the beach for the weekend, if you don’t live near the coast, find a lake! There is always somewhere you can go.
Some people find themselves overwhelmed with the idea of being in a different country or unfamiliar place.

Don’t let your thoughts overpower your desire to explore! There is much to gain from vacations and traveling.

Think of all the new people you’ll meet and all the potential friends you could have. Take a moment to consider all the different tasting foods out there to try in other places, imagine all the delightful smells! There are so many different things to experience in life and you’ve only got one to live! If you don’t speak the language where you’re going don’t worry. There are plenty of translation apps available on most platforms for your tablet or phone, which honestly, for just one weekend, would work just fine. Unless you plan to be somewhere for an extended vacation, there is no need to stress a language barrier.

Did you know that taking a vacation not only kicks complete ass (mostly dependant on where you’re going) but is also reportedly responsible for several health benefits?

Taking a vacation can lower your risk for heart disease and give you a refreshing sense of relaxation upon your return. Taking vacations regularly, can decrease the risk of depression and give you increased productivity. Upon returning from your vacation, you can spread your good mood to others and make the world a bit happier! You’ll find all those previous annoyances in your life to be miniscule. The time you will have spent apart from your usual everyday habits and peers will give you a better sense of what’s going on in your life. It gives you time to reflect on what goes on in your life from a less biased perspective by spending time away from the things you’re used to. Vacations can offer

Vacations can offer opportunity to learn more about yourself, and who knows maybe you’ll find a new hobby or friend along the way!

Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend off, or 6 months in the Bahamas, everyone needs to take a break at some point.

Remember to consider everything even the smallest of vacations can offer.

Don’t be afraid of the cost, you’ll live it down, and even potentially increase your life expectancy. So put in those time of requests, grab your partner, or pack a solo bag and get out there! Find anything that sounds fun and/or relaxing to you and just go for it! What’s the worst that could happen?

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