Swearing Doesn’t Make You Stupid

Are potty-mouthed people silly?

Cursing is inappropriate and rude.

We know it belongs only to simple-minded and poorly educated people, they just lack vocabulary and manners to express themselves more intelligently. However, it turns out psychologists have different opinion about it.

Slurs reveal proficiency with words

Scientists Kristin Joy of Marist College and Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, conducted a study on the subject. According to the results, people who have swear and say dirty words are actually better at using a language. They can understand details in a word’s meaning, which others with more sophisticated vocabulary, can’t. The ones who swear are more fluent in everyday vocabulary. The reason is simple. They are familiar with the general sense of words. However, they are also able to make detailed distinctions in the meanings. This is an essential skill for using slurs appropriately.

Profanity and intelligence go together

Swearing like a sailor might also indicate higher intelligence. A group of scientists used technology to check loads of Facebook statuses. The purpose was to detect bad words and words that expressed deception. They found out that people who used inappropriate words made much wittier comments.

Swearing is linked to honesty

There’s another important fact to mention. People who swear don’t have boundaries in conveying their feelings. They don’t filter their thoughts. According to researchers, they feel more at ease to say what they are up to. They are more honest and straightforward than the rest.

Reliable people swear

There are other studies which claim that swearing could be a proof for credibility in court. People who swear during a testimony are seen as more reliable witnesses. The same goes for criminal investigations. Innocent suspects tend to curse more than guilty ones when rejecting accusations.

(Don’t) Mind your language!

Despite cursing sounds ugly it, in fact, reveals essential personal qualities such as intelligence and honesty! So, if somebody calls you dumb or profane the next time you use dirty words, just explain them there is sound scientific evidence that you are being genuine and clever, actually.

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