Suspect Hilariously Responds to Own Police Wanted Ad, Vows He’ll Turn Himself In

Most wanted posts have never been more hilarious than now!

In the crazy times we live in, police often make posts asking the fugitive to surrender, and with some luck, they might even get a response. And this kind of story happened just recently in Richland, WA when authorities issued a wanted request for 38-year-old Anthony Akers.

And because these kinds of posts are shared often but with not much result, the police probably did not have their hopes up. But to their surprise the first comment came from Anthony himself, who wrote:

“Calm down, I’m going to turn myself in.”

As it turned out, Anthony had a few things to do before joining his inmates and would be there as soon as possible.

The police were probably shocked when they found out that Anthony was actually playing along.

Unfortunately, Anthony started to play games and was a little slow on his promise.

And what followed was a hilarious exchange, that proves that the cop/bad guy relationship doesn’t always have to be a bitter one.

Eventually, Anthony turned himself in and is now enjoying his comfy prison cell.

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