8 Things Successful People Will Never Reveal About Themselves

8 Things Successful People Will Never Reveal About Themselves
Opening up to your colleagues is vital for any professional network to succeed, but saying the wrong thing can have devastating repercussions on your career.
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Sharing aspects of yourself that grace you in the proper light is an art form that not everyone has mastered. Information you might feel is imperative to relationship-building can end up having you say, “What was I thinking?”
Oh, if only we had time machines.
Well, we don’t have time machines. So that means learning to catch yourself before you share too much and sever your career’s lifeline.
A company called TalentSmart tested upwards of a million people and found that higher ranked employees were also emotionally intelligent (90% of the higher ranked employees to be exact). One quality emotionally intelligent people share- they are able to read other people. This quality allows them to know what they should and shouldn’t reveal about themselves.

This list contains 8 of the most common things people share that send their career down the drain.

1. “I hate my job.”

It seems obvious, but I assure you it isn’t. No one wants to hear about how much you dislike working where you are, or how much you hate doing your job. This makes you appear like a negative person who isn’t on the same page as everyone else. If you bring down morale, your boss will be quick to catch on. And there are always other people with a smile who are ready to take your place.

2. “I was so wild in college.”

Your past indiscretions can say a lot about you. Telling your co-workers about something idiotic you did in your younger days doesn’t mean they will automatically think you have grown since then. Those stunts you may have pulled in the “frat house” only prove you have poor judgment when it comes down to it. Most people won’t want to continue working with someone who doesn’t know where to draw the line. It’s best to keep those wild-child days under wraps.
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3. “I got so wasted the other night.”

Telling people how drunk you got over the weekend is not a good idea. Despite the logic of ‘work is work – home is home’, too many people view excessive drinking negatively. You will not be seen as the quirky fun guy who likes to party, but more of the unpredictable kid who lacks good judgment.

4. “I am looking for a better job.”

Even if you think only telling one or two people this information is acceptable, it isn’t. If you let others know that you are trying to gain employment elsewhere, they are going to view you as a waste of time. Why would they put effort into you when you won’t be putting effort into them? Once folks know you are looking for a job elsewhere, your current employment virtually ceases to exist. Ever hear of the sidelines?
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5. “I make about $_____ per month.”

Do not discuss your wages. It may be tempting to compare salaries with a co-worker but once you do, you will never see each other in the same light again. Telling other employees how much you earn gives them a direct measure of comparison. That can spawn negativity and resentment in the workplace. In their minds, everything you say and do will be connected to your income.
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6. “My political and religious beliefs are…”

I can’t believe this has to be said, but, please do not discuss political or religious preferences in the workplace. If you want your career path to smoothly head on the incline, it is best to refrain from mentioning these things. People connect themselves and their identities to their beliefs. A disagreement of views can quickly alter someone’s perception of you. These are touchy topics, and touchy topics will more than likely harm your career.

7. “Did you see what I posted on Facebook?”

If you are on a serious career path, your co-workers shouldn’t be connected to the social network on which you share your personal thoughts, inner conflicts, and overall bad impressions. Monitoring and censoring your posts to stay professional wouldn’t be an issue if those people weren’t on your friends list. I suggest using LinkedIn for your professional career connections, and Facebook for everything else.
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8. “I’m going after so-and-so’s job.”

It is never a good idea to tell someone at work about your plans to take another’s job. This comes off as selfish and indifferent to those around you. After all, working within a company requires teamwork, and successful employees want the whole unit to succeed.
Do you agree with this list? Do you have any suggestions you would add? Let us know in the comments section below!
By Raven Fon

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