Student Disqualified At University Exam For Not Covering Nose With Mask

TOKYO, JAPAN: A student was disqualified from a university exam last weekend for refusing to cover his/her nose with a mask in violation of coronavirus guidelines.

The student was said to have disobeyed the exam supervisors’ instructions to cover the nose, despite being reminded 7 times in a row, Kyodo News reported. The student’s name or gender was not made public and the reason for the student’s refusal to comply remains unknown.

Image: Kyodo News

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations website states that students can not take the exams unless they wear protective masks “correctly.”

Students are allowed, however, not to wear a mask if they have a specific medical condition, in which case, they are asked to take exams in an isolated room. The student who refused to comply did not provide such information.

Image: Kyodo News

Even though the student in question was warned of possible disqualification numerous times, he/she refused to comply and thus failed the exam automatically.

The first round of Japan’s standardized university entrance exams took place during the weekend. University staff was abiding by strict anti-virus guidelines and people were required to social distance, wear masks, and disinfecting themselves. Each venue was properly ventilated and students were asked to eat alone.

Image: Kyodo News

The exams were held in 681 venues across the country and a total of 535,245 people took part, the center stated.

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