11 Daily Struggles Of Someone Who Is Both Strong and Sensitive

If you are a strong and sensitive person, then you are living with a complex combination of emotions that most people don’t understand.

And who can blame them? They haven’t lived the life that you have.

They don’t realize that being strong comes from all of the hardships you’ve had to endure, and that being sensitive stems from refusing to build walls like so many others have. Sure, you have set up some boundaries, but not to the extent that others have. You remain emotionally aware of those around you.

It is this combination that perplexes others.

Here Are 11 Daily Struggles Of Someone Who Is Both Strong And Sensitive:

1. This is something we struggle with every single day.

Some people really don’t know how to take you. How is it that the same person who appears to be hard-as-nails during the lunch meeting, lies awake at night wondering about the things that were said to them earlier in the day?

2. We ruminate over the things that bother us.

We continuously stress and worry over the possibility of someone being upset with us. Whether it is over a decision we plan to make, or over one that has already been made, we know that our choices affect others…and we constantly think about that.

3. We stand up for our friends and family.

However, we don’t treat ourselves with the same amount of respect. When it comes to our loved ones, we don’t tolerate other people hurting them. Unfortunately, we tend to let people use, abuse and walk all over us.

4. Others rarely notice when we are upset.

It’s not that we try to project a tough exterior, or a strong disposition, it’s just how others see us. Because of this, they never really know when we are upset. Sure, the car wouldn’t start, the kids are ill, the mortgage payment is 3 months behind, and the in-laws are coming for a visit, but we carry on as if everything is perfectly fine.

5. We laugh things off, and avoid emotional confrontations with others.

Strong and sensitive people outwardly display so much such confidence during emotionally challenging times, that nobody, for a moment would think otherwise. What they don’t know, is that we are only laughing on the surface.

6. Sure, strong people can dish it out.

But in the heat of the moment when words are said, or jokes are made, we can’t handle it. Our friends are usually there to point it out; we can give a lot of crap to others but we sure as heck can’t take the same medicine.

7. We imagine great retorts to say to others.

But rest assured, almost 95% of the time we would rather avoid a dramatic confrontation. Strong and sensitive people avoid the drama at all costs- even if we do play it out in our head.

8. Our bark is worse than our bite.

We might say we are going to do this or that, but in reality, we just want you to know how we feel. Yes, sometimes we can get carried away with our emotions, but only in front of those we truly trust.

9. Most people annoy us.

But if someone doesn’t like us, our world gets a little shaky. Strong and sensitive people know they might come off a bit harsh sometimes, but deep down, they’re genuinely good people.

10. Complicated doesn’t begin to cover it.

Like most people, we are not easy to understand. Even having a friendship or relationship with us can be taxing. Yet, aside from all of that, we are have a lot of love to give, and are always there to support you when you need it most.

11. We only let a few people get close enough to know the real us.

It’s not that we wear masks or try to hide our authentic selves. Rather, we have learned through some hard life lessons that not everyone is worth our time and energy. If we trust you enough to let you in, and get to know the sensitive soul that lies underneath this tough exterior, then you are a lucky person.

By Raven Fon

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