The Strongest Women Sometimes Feel Damaged And Broken

The truth of the matter is that the women who have been completely shattered and broken at some point are the strongest among us.

As part of the human experience, we all endure hardships, but there are a separate group of women whose brokenness has made them stronger than any of us can fathom.

Even though these women don’t always get the recognition they deserve, it’s hard to imagine the courage and strength they must gather every day so that you don’t know just how broken they have been…or are trying not to be.

The strongest women sometimes feel broken, but they don’t let that stop them.

Here are a few traits these resilient people possess:

She might be broken on the inside, but you’d never know it by looking at her.

Despite the fact that the world is trying to break her spirit, she still finds a way to smile. She has seen life’s dark underbelly and still gets up to face another day. Even though she might barely be holding it together, she is giving it all she’s got, and looks forward to each new day.

She knows she has to be her number one fan.

Love and approval was never handed to her on a silver platter, so in order to survive, she had to love herself in a way others couldn’t. She fought for her own self-acceptance, and isn’t about to let anyone take it from her.

She knows monsters exist in human form.

She has been shown the worst sides of people and lived through reality-shattering moments. What cruelty people are capable of doesn’t take her by surprise anymore. She was given every reason to quit, give up, and turn in, but she didn’t.

The strongest women believe in themselves, and even though they feel like they might not make it through, their inner-courage pushes them across the finish line.

She won’t ask for help until she thinks you’re okay.

Strong women are always putting others ahead of themselves, so when you need help with something you know they are going to be by your side. Even if she is going through her own personal hell, she isn’t going to tell you about her problems. It’s not that she thinks you wouldn’t help, or care, but rather that she knows everyone is going through something and her troubles aren’t any more special than yours.

She believes “fake it till you make it.”

You won’t see her without a smile on her face. When she’s out, she’s shining like a diamond. When she gets home is another story. Home is where she lets the mask fall, and embraces her tears. The emotions flow freely, and she is okay with that. It helps her to get through to tomorrow.

She always knows what to do.

Maybe it’s because she’s made the wrong choices in the past, or chose the wrong path more than once. She’s learned from her mistakes, and everyone sees her as the woman who has her life together. It’s a good show, but in reality she’s still sorting herself out and pulling herself out of the ashes.

Women who feel broken inside go through so much inner-turmoil and emotional stress, but they still find a way to be our inspiration. These are the women who hold the backbone of our communities together. They know the value of rebuilding from rubble, and are motivating others to do the same, brick by brick.

Even though they have been through the worst in life, they still hope for something greater- something they make themselves. And that is true strength.

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