Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Students

While going to college may seem a necessity in the modern world, it can also stress you out. Have you ever found yourself anxious because of a test? And how many all-nighters have you had to pull in order to pass that one class? We know how much stress being a student can cause, and we can only assume how much help you might need. Many online outlets may have cheap tips on how to avoid stress, but what if it is too late to avoid it? The WMEO college essay writers prepared the 10 professional tips on managing stress in a fast and affordable way.

1. Get some healthy sleep

Sometimes, you may feel like you just have to stay up all night. Whether you need to complete an assignment or take an exam, is feeling exhausted in the morning worth it? We don’t think so. With a well-rested mind and body, you will be able to conquer new academic heights with fewer efforts.

2. Listen to good music

Whether you want to listen to that one album you used to love back in the eighths grade or discover something new, music is always a good way to relax, unwind, and get yourself back on track. We suggest creating playlists for different occasions, purposes, and moods you might be going through. Have you ever tried to listen to Mozart before going to bed? The pure concentration of relaxation!

3. (Try your best to) Eat healthily

We know, that instant ramen is purely delicious, but so is a salad. We suggest adding some fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet to manage stress better. First, we all know about the healthy mind and healthy body, right? Second, how much better does it make you feel to know that you just did something nice for yourself by just eating an apple? Your system will say a huge “thank you” for that healthy-ish made-from-scratch lunch, and you’ll get enough energy to get through the day.

4. Think positively

Focusing on the negative has never done anyone any good; it can only contribute to the stress you experience on a daily basis. Learn to see a positive side in anything that might happen to you. Missed the bus? Now you can enjoy some nice fresh air, explore the short way, and tell yourself you didn’t contribute to global warming this one time. Seeing the best in everything will help you long-term, way beyond the college years.

5. Focus on yourself

Stop for a moment and focus on what you’re experiencing at the moment. How does your body feel? What is going on in your mind? Close your eyes, breathe slowly, and take some time for yourself. While it may be the most common suggestion, meditation is one of the most useful techniques for managing stress.

6. Do some exercise

We’re not saying you must go to the gym six days a week and lift weights. If that’s what you’re into, then, of course, go ahead! However, as little as half an hour of physical activity weekly may help you improve your mood. Do what you already know you love. A short jog in the park? A 15-minute yoga session in the morning? Riding a bike on the way to your favorite cafe? All of these are perfect! And how about joining a sports club? It’s a perfect way to meet new friends among your peers and deal with stress.

7. Laugh more

A new episode of your favorite comedy show or a few good jokes in a company of your friends may be the best recipe for stress relief. While not requiring any particular efforts, laughing for a few minutes will help you get your mind off of all of the burdens of your daily college life. They also say that a good laugh may help you live longer, and if you also know how to manage stress properly, why not try?

8. Go for a walk

The fall is coming, and the Starbucks pumpkin lattes will not drink themselves. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and go outside, explore the streets of your city, and enjoy the last warm summer days. Walks can even count as an exercise! How cool is it to combine two stress management techniques at once? Even better than killing two birds with one stone.

9. Get a pet

Generally, campuses won’t allow you to have a pet in the room, which is straight-up rude, considering that spending time with animals may improve your mood. Not only that but being able to care for a living being, whose love is devoted to you, is the purest form of stress relief. Do you have some friends or family members who own pets? Now is the best time to pay a visit. Visiting a local animal shelter is also a good idea; you get to both spend time with pets but also bring some wholesomeness to the world.

10. Organize your living space

Having clutter in your room may cause stress, and we all know that. Does it feel like a challenge to find the necessary hangout among the stacks of papers from all of your classes? Find some time to declutter, and you’ll feel better right away. First, you just successfully finished a task, and there’s no way it can not feel good. Second, how much more would you want to sit at the desk if you don’t have to go through the old notes to see the surface? Organize your T-shirts, throw away the unnecessary trash, and dust that bookshelf. It’s all worth the effort.

Let’s be real, most (even all) of these techniques do not require much effort but can make your student life so much easier. So go ahead, cook that meal, have some fun with your friends, and meditate before going to bed — you’ll see how all the stress, pressure, and anxiety fade away, clearing a path for the pure enjoyment of your college experience.

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