Stray Dog Who Keeps Visiting Car Dealership Is Adopted By Staff And Given A Job

Persistence has reaped great benefits for a homeless dog who refused to stop visiting a car dealership and it has since been adopted and given an amazing job at the same time.

The sweet angel kept on visiting a Hyundai Prime car shop in Brazil, and after workers fell in love with him, they made the decision to adopt him and give him a fulfilling job opportunity.

The pup also received a new name.

He now goes by Tuscon Prime and is in charge of greeting new customers at the door of the dealership. And he is more than happy to do it!

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Uma segunda-feira nada fácil, tive minha primeira aula de comportamento com meu professor @leonamvalli (já estou obedecendo muito), gravei minha primeira reportagem para a TV com @tvvitoriaes , fiz uma visita de inspeção nos @postosshellprime para conferir de perto a estrutura que meus humanos fizeram para PETs nas lojas de conveniências de todos os postos do grupo (porque agora todas as empresas do Grupo Prime são Pet Friendly), tirar as fotos para meu primeiro parceiro de doações a @alinutrioficial (que irá me ajudar a distribuir muitos alimentos para meus AUmigos de rua e abrigos), fora os atendimentos na loja que modéstia parte, meus clientes de hoje saíram muito satisfeitos! Ja já posto aqui as fotos deste dia para vocês! Obrigado por me ajudarem a mudar a história destes cãozinhos que são como eu fui um dia, tenho os melhores humanos e vamos fazer de tudo para ajudar o maior número de PETs possível 🙏🏻 Aquele lambeijo 👅 mais que especial 🐾🦴🐶🐕 #tucson #prime #hyundai @primehyundai @postosshellprime @alinutrioficial @tvvitoriaes @leonamvalli @emersonribeiromariano @juliapaixao__ @heyhumanosfotografia

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Оn one rainy night, manager Emerson Mariano lured the dog inside and gave him some food and water, Bored Panda reported.

But he felt the love and couldn’t help himself but come back for more until they adopted him.

Tucson’s caring nature gave the managers a great idea and now he’s an inseparable part of the team.

Emerson Mariano told Top Motors Brazil the following:

“After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals.”

The wonder pup has also become huge on social media and already has around 110,000 followers on Instagram. 

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Boa Noite pessoAU 🐾🦴🐕 …

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A recent post from his account read:

“Today my day started early, but it was not in sales, I am trying to read and answer the thousands, I swear, miles of messages I received in the last few days.

“But where I came from, I didn’t have this technology. Me and my humans are still trying to find a way to deal with so much love and affection like that. If I didn’t open your message or answered, I wanted to apologise, but we are trying our best to open all messages to try to thank you all, I am very happy with all this!”

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