Stop wasting my time with your deceitful intentions. I’m tired.

You know what’s really attractive? Not having to guess whether someone’s intentions are pure or deceitful.  Unfortunately, in most cases, you have to go through a lot of heartbreaks and betrayals to learn how to tell the difference.

This kind of wisdom usually comes after getting to know the disingenuous side of people. But there is still something great about getting your heart broken by someone you thought would never hurt you.

You eventually come to the realization that you should never let anyone waste your time with their disloyalty.

Like it or not, people come and go all the time, and only a few actually make the effort to stay in your life. Those who stick around are the ones you should cherish the most. To see who’s real and comes with good intentions, you first need to learn to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. That’s a skill we learn as we mature and go through many challenges throughout our lives.

Being able to tell whether someone’s intentions are pure is closely related to having a high level of emotional intelligence. Sadly, sometimes it takes a broken heart to get to this level. Relationships test your ability to recognize the true nature of people the most. They are one of life’s greatest tools that challenge our hearts and minds. You either establish a strong and healthy bond with someone, built on honesty and respect, or you face the consequences of trusting the wrong person. In both cases, you learn valuable life lessons.

One of these lessons is that if someone wouldn’t lift a finger to check up on you, then it’s time for you to let that person go. Indeed, cutting people off is a process that requires a lot of emotional strength, but it’s absolutely worth it. Toxicity is all around us, and the best thing we could do is get rid of it the moment we notice it. Even if that means letting go of someone you thought would never hurt you. This will not only make you feel liberated but will also strongly benefit your mental health.

However, a lot of times, you may need to go through numerous red flags until you actually see what type of person you’re dealing with.

It doesn’t always happen suddenly. This realization often occurs gradually, as the warning signs become more and more obvious.

What you need to look out for when you have doubts about someone’s intentions is on what occasions they are reaching out to you. A person who truly loves and appreciates you will check up on you because they truly care. Someone whose intentions are far from genuine will call you only based on their need or mood. The difference is tremendous.

To all the people who don’t have good intentions,

Please leave me alone. I’m tired of dealing with our toxic vibes. I’m tired of playing your ludicrous mind-games and being a victim of your manipulative, passive-aggressive temperaments.

What’s more, I’m tired of wasting my time on people who are happy only when they make others miserable.

From now on, I have time only for the ones that have proven to be there for me through thick and thin. My circle may be small, but it’s worth more than thousands of fake friends. Someone who intends to torture my mind like I’m on some sort of an emotional rollercoaster has no place in my life.

I promise myself I will no longer allow people to mistreat me, disrespect me, and make me question my self-worth. My attitude will be based on the way others treat me. The ones who try to use me for their mean little mind-games will no longer be tolerated.

After all, life is too short to waste your time and energy on unworthy people.

So stay true to yourself, and appreciate the ones whose intentions come from their hearts, and not their needs. Respect yourself enough to let go of those who mistreat you. You owe it to yourself.

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