Stop hurting yourself by giving chances to people who don’t deserve your love

Have you ever been told how admirably beautiful your soul is? Has anyone ever made you feel like the most special person in the whole world? Has anyone ever showed you how much you mean to them?

Perhaps, there were many times in your life when you felt like a second choice.

Many people tried to take advantage of that genuine heart of yours.

Some of them succeeded. They even made you forget how precious you are and how much love you truly deserve. In fact, they made you doubt your whole perception of love.

What these people failed to see is how incredibly powerful you are. They made no effort to appreciate your outstanding authenticity. They were blind to acknowledge your generosity, your kindness, and your integrity. Unfortunately, they somehow managed to make you forget about all that makes you this amazing person you are. But there is still hope.

It might take a while, but you will soon realize you’ve been giving your time away to people who didn’t deserve even a single second of it. You have been wasting your energy on individuals who never understood your true nature. They used every single chance they had to benefit from your naive soul and took your kindness for weakness. They never missed a chance to hurt you and cheer on your pain.

There was a time when you believed you could change them. You thought being persistent and patient will help you entirely transform the way they treated you. What you failed or refused to understand was that it was never your responsibility to fix them. It was never your job to make them feel good about themselves.

But they never changed, did they?

Most probably, your answer is negative. That’s because they never treated you the way you deserve. They never loved you with the same passion as you loved them. They never showed you how much you mean to them. So why did you stay? Why did you try to convince yourself it will all get better, even when you knew in your heart it won’t. Why did you waste so much of your precious time on people who didn’t bring value to your life?

Remember this: You are a genuine human being who deserves to be respected, cherished, and accepted.

You deserve to be happy and loved. That’s why you need to stop carelessly giving your love to people who are not worthy of it. You need to stop giving chances to those who would never appreciate you the way you are.

There will be individuals who would make you feel wanted, but there will also be someone who would make you feel truly loved. This someone would do whatever it takes to prove you they deserve your time, energy, and attention. That’s when you will finally see how much you’ve been missing by trying to change the ones who didn’t even care.

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