If The Soul Exists It Might Go Back To The Universe After Death, Scientists Claim

In research published in the journal Resuscitation, scientists have discovered important evidence of possible life after death.

The study was carried out over a four-year period and included more than 2000 people who suffered from cardiac arrest. According to the analysis, almost 40 percent of the patients who survived resuscitation reported they were aware of the moments when they were clinically dead. 39 percent out of 140 survivors declared going through common near-death experiences. They were feeling at peace, and it seemed that time was passing very slowly. Some recollected seeing a bright yellow light or an unexpected flash.

A  57 -year old man had the strangest experience.

Dr. Sam Parnia, who is an assistant professor at the State University of New York conducted the study and said that patients who explained their near-death experiences were describing hallucinatory stories. Nevertheless, one man, gave a “realistic” description of what was going on while the doctors and nurses tried to revive him. He had been dead for some minutes when he came to life again. When he regained consciousness, the man said that he had left his body and had been able to see the things happening around him in the room very clearly.

The brain can’t work if the heart has stopped.

Telling The Telegraph about this 57-year-old social worker at Southampton, Dr. Parnia explained: “The person described everything that had been going on in the room, but most importantly, he heard a machine that beeped two times every three minutes. So we were able to time how long the experience continued,” “ Actually, our brain can’t work if the heart doesn’t beat. But in this situation, conscious experience lasted for up to three minutes after the man’s heart had stopped functioning.”

So it might turn out that after someone passes away, “their soul does not die but goes back to the universe.”

There is a theory of the American physicist Dr. Stuart Hameroff and mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose that the human brain functions similarly to a “biological computer.” And a person’s consciousness might be like a program which is controlled by a quantum computer inside the brain. These scientists think that the soul is preserved in microtubules of brain cells.

They call the process  “Orchestrated Objective Reduction,” or “Orch-OR.”

According to their theories, in the moments when people are “clinically dead,” microtubules in the brain leave their quantum state but still can preserve the information inside of them. In other words –this is the moment when the soul returns to the universe.

This theory was recently described on The Science Channel’s documentary show Through the Wormhole.

In this show, Dr. Hameroff explained: “Imagine that the heart stops, the blood can’t flow; the microtubules lose their quantum state but not the quantum information. We cannot destroy it. And it just spreads and diffuses into the universe. In case the patient gets back to life, this quantum information can go back into microtubules. That is the reason why the patient says that they’ve had a near death experience.’However If the person dies, this quantum information might continue to exist although it has already left the body.

And that is maybe what we call a soul.

Sir Roger and Dr. Stuart Hameroff are not alone in believing this.

Researchers at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich support this theory.

Experts there claim that our physical universe is just a perception. And that once our bodies stop functioning there is eternal life. An existence that is not at a physical level.

Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, once head of the institute, has stated: “This world, it is just the material level that we can understand. “What exists beyond is an absolute reality that is much bigger.“The body dies, but the spiritual quantum field remains. In this way, we become immortal.”

In 2016, a terminally-ill violinist Paul Robertson made another extraordinary claim about the eternity.

This man had 17 near-death experiences. He said he had already been to the other side. He died of a heart condition, but he had experienced death many times before that. During one near-death experience, he claimed he was prevented from entering heaven by angels who were laughing and also smelled of aftershave. Another time he bathed in the aura of an “Asiatic goddess.” He also said that he was once a husky dog moving through the Arctic.

“The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.” Herb Caen

We can assume that there are reasonable arguments which reveal that our soul is much more than neurons in the brain.

This means “souls” could have existed since the very beginning of time. The theory supporting the fact that the quantum information can live outside the body, maybe indefinitely, as a soul, could finally explain many interesting problems.

Do you believe that the soul exists? And if you do, do you agree with the idea that it could outlive our physical bodies?

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