Son of a beach! Deadly snake swims ashore on a beach – moments after SHARK was spotted in the water

Australia: A large poisonous snake was spotted making its way from the sea onto the beaches of Perth, shocking locals. 

A man named Geoff Pape saw the creature, which was about two meters in length, at Quinns Dog Beach last Monday.

“Just about stepped on this guy as he made his way in for a dip up the northern end of the dog beach,” he said.

Geoff recorded the encounter, which shows a dugite – one of the deadliest snakes in the world – slithering through the water and onto the beach, and posted it on social media.

Just one drop of its venom can cause a blood clot that can lead to a person’s death in a matter of hours.

He also warned locals about walking their dogs around the area.

‘It was up the northern end of the dog beach. Be careful if your dog likes sniffing in there,’ Geoff said.

Even though they sometimes go for a swim, these snakes normally reside underneath logs or rocks in abandoned burrows.

The sighting of this dugite was only about 20 miles away from where a giant shark circled near an unaware surfer at the famous Scarborough beach that same day.

On December 28 an even bigger shark was seen near the shore of the same beach, which caused authorities to close it and warn the public of the danger.

Both Scarborough and Trigg beaches were closed last Monday after someone reported seeing the shark.

Witness the deadly dugite snake’s arrival at the shore in the video below.

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