Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones in order to grow in life

Let’s be real. It is in our nature to get attached to the things we love.

We cannot imagine life without them.

It has never been otherwise. And likely it will always be this way.

The stronger our love becomes, the more frightened we become of losing the people most dear to us. The more we have in life, the more we start wondering if we should share it with others or keep it all hidden away within us.

We are frightened of losing something good and familiar to us because we are deeply convinced that growth can only come from following the straight path.

But the truth is, life is not that easy and things don’t always go as planned.

It feels ludicrous and exciting at the same time. For a moment we are high above the clouds, and in the next, we’re down in the gutter. Because the patterns of growth are non-linear. The truth is, they are often what we least expect them to be.

Most of the choices we make in life are often bad for us, but in the end, they always teach us a valuable lesson. They lead us to places we never would have dreamed of reaching on our own, but as soon as we get there, it kind of feels like that is exactly where we were meant to be. Like there’s no place we would rather be.

The reality is, it is impossible for us to grow as human beings without getting out of our comfort zones.

We cannot grow unless we are willing to change.

Unease and discomfort help us get motivated and inspired to change in order to escape a miserable life. Without pain, we can never get to where we want to go. We must learn that each period of suffering is a stepping stone towards our next success.

The only true path to rebirth is through the path of change. And that change may require leaving behind certain things that we think are good for us in order to make space for new, more important things in life.

Sometimes we must walk away from a comfortable relationship in order to be true to ourselves.

Sometimes we may have to let a well-paid job go in order to pursue the job we are most passionate about.

Change means getting out of our comfort zones to make the best of what life has to offer.

It may sound frightening. But if we wish to embrace the true beauty of life, we need to be ready to do certain things that might cause us pain.

We must learn to let go, to put our pride aside, and to accept the necessary changes that are part of the growth process.

But no matter how scary it all may sound, it will be worth it in the end.

Because only once we find the strength to let go of what feels comfortable and easy will life truly start smiling upon us.

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