Sometimes An Ex Returns In Your Life To See If You’re Stupid

After abandoning you during the darkest time of your life, your ex may try to make their way back to you, begging for another chance. 

And when that happens, it is either because they truly miss you and came to terms with the mistake they’ve made, or they simply don’t have anyone to replace you with and know you will once again fall into their manipulative trap so you can keep them company until they find what they truly want.

If you happen to be in this situation, going crazy, not knowing what to do, and considering whether they deserve another chance, please stop for a moment: They do not! And here are the reasons why…

They betrayed you

You trusted them and thought what you two had was truly unique and magical. You were shining every time they said the words “always” and “forever” while holding you tight. And how did it all end? They left you behind and broke every major promise they made to you. So, if you find yourself feeling tempted to jump back into their arms, stop and ask yourself if you are truly willing to be in a relationship with someone who betrayed you in the most painful way.

Never forget the reason why your relationship didn’t last

Breakups are never easy, but more often than not it is the only thing we can do to save ourselves future pain and suffering. Hence, when your ex comes asking for forgiveness, remember why you broke up in the first place. Because the needy mind and heart can play games with you as you may only be recalling the good times while putting aside all the anguish and heartache they’ve put you through.

Keep in mind that people don’t just decide to end a relationship when they’re happy with the person next to them. Breakups normally happen due to a suffocating amount of anger and resentment that has been building between two human beings. Hence, you must stay true to yourself and not give into such mirages of love.

They will most likely abandon you again

When you share a life with a person you have strong feelings for, then it is normal to plan for a shared future with them. And when that person suddenly serves you the news that they no longer wish to be with you, your whole world shatters in pieces. So, when this person comes back to you, begging for forgiveness and compassion, remember that they may hurt you the same way again. Are you willing to go through this pain once again?

Don’t let them back into your life just because you’re having a hard time alone

Being on your own and missing intimacy in your life is unfortunately not a good reason for getting back with your toxic ex. Do not open your door to them just because loneliness is weighing down on you, and they are familiar, and you feel at ease having them next to you. Never go back to someone who caused you so much pain just because you feel lonely.

And in conclusion, do not trust them when they say they’ve changed

They will never change. They already showed you what’s beneath their mask, trust what you saw.

Because sometimes such a person will only come back into your life to see whether you are still as naive as you once were and fall for their games and fake promises. Do not let it happen again!

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