8 Things You Will Only Hear from Someone Who is Truly in Love with You

Love is a delicate subject.

Books have been written on the subject and movies has been filmed, but still there a lot of unanswered questions about love.

One of them is how to be sure whether a person really loves you or not.

Can we really be sure about it?

Certainly, there are things which can help us find the answers to these questions. If you want to be sure whether a person loves you, then pay attention to the things they say to you.

Here are 8 things you will only hear from someone who is truly in love with you!

#1 This reminded me of you

One of the sweetest compliments a person can receive from their partner, or partner-to-be is that something reminded this person of them. This could be something small, like a picture, a funny joke, or even a scent, but if you receive a text, or a call, saying that something reminded him or her of you, then you can be sure it was no accident thought and there is more behind it.

#2 Let me help you with that

Another phrase which can help you realize that someone is in love with you is when you hear that they want to help you. A person who really loves you would not leave you struggle with whatever you are doing. They would even feel your pain and would not want to leave you struggle with it on your own.

#3 I really miss you

There are a lot of people who find it really hard to say how they feel let alone mention that they miss another person. If one tells you that they miss you, you have to pay attention to the way they mention it. Saying that they “really” or “truly” miss you is much stronger than just saying “I miss you”. This is how you can spot whether a person is sincere.

#4 I am worried about you

One of the other ways you can find out whether a person really loves you or not is by knowing that they care about you. A person who is not so into you would hardly say that they are worried about you, but if you hear these sweet words then you can relax because this person knows what they are talking about. On the other hand, if someone is worried about you, then there is a reason behind it, so make sure you do not ignore the warning.

#5 I am here for you

Another way to know that one cares about you is when they told you that they are here for you and always will. This, of course, does not mean that they will always feel the same way about you, but at least you can be sure that in the given moment you are absolutely safe with them.

#6 I respect you more than you know

Respect is one of the most important things which should be present in a relationship. If your partner does not respect you, then you should not be with you no matter if they love you or not. Love and respect should go hand in hand and make sure they are present in your relationship.

#7 Nothing will make me leave your side

If a person tells you this, then you can know that they will love you no matter what happens between you and them. They will be ready to accept you the way you are with all your flaws and mistakes. Of course, saying something and actually doing it are two different things, but at least you can know that this person has good intentions for the time being.

#8 I want to grow with you

For last I have saved one of the sweetest phrases which can show you that a person wants to have a long-time relationship with you is “I want to grow with you”. This means that they not only imagine you in their future, but they also want to become a better person with you and for you. How sweet is that!

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