A Sneak Peek Into The Narcissist’s Mind

We have all seen them on the big screen, in the books, in games, at the Parliament.

We laugh at their jokes, admire their success and use them as a role model.

We use their inspiration when we are down, we listen them when we need to feel better.

They are sometimes our only saviours, our lovers, even our best friend.

But they can also be your biggest nightmare. They sometimes use us to build our character from the ashes just in order to tear us down later. The narcissists.

They appear to shake our world from one extreme to another. They sometimes use us just to manipulate us. And as soon as we realize it, we feel down but despite that we continue allowing them to affect us because we are used to having someone to blame for our actions when things go wrong.

Such people often make us feel untrustworthy, incompetent, embarrassed. And they tell we are not worth it directly in our eyes. They think themselves as authorities and something better than us, so they always feel like they are right, even though they often are extremely misleading. We know all that and we continue to believe them. Just because others do. Just because we have to take a side and defend an idea. If we do not believe them, we will have to take our own responsibility and our life in our hands.

In such case we start questioning ourselves and our well-being more and more. We become more and more confused while blaming ourselves and experiencing bad feelings such as anger, sadness even depression. Until we find another personality to believe in and we again start to trust without questioning it.

If you start to blame such “authorities” in front of other people, they will react sceptical.

Most of them will not see the narcissist you saw after you felt down after his words or actions.

They will still see the “famous narcissist” as amazing and unique without questioning what they are doing since they haven’t experienced the bad influence such people can sometimes emit.

If you find a way to criticize them directly, they will blame you for ruining their reputation rather than think of where they went wrong. In such case they try to put the blame on you, because you are the one that makes them angry and loses their time. Thus, they feel more powerful and start to throw blames at your confused state of mind and inability to “correctly” understand them. Of course, they are usually completely aware that they misled you, but for narcissists lying often feels good.

It feeds their confidence. Such people are repelled from being questioned about their behaviour. They are completely aware of their actions and you cannot just tell them that there’s something wrong. Who are you for them after all?

Such people are really good at influencing others in order to keep the magic of their illusions alive.

A narcissist knows that sometimes he is wrong, but they will never admit it in front of other people.

They often bring people down just to higher themselves up. Too much of a self-confidence makes them feel different and in long term it can basically really confuse their consciousness.

Narcissism can really lead people to be envy if for example see you having a normal and successful life without allowing their thoughts and style to manipulate you.

This is why they never stop using their tricks to weaving you into their web of manipulations. They are just like attention predators. Would you allow yourself to be their bait fish?

Author BIO:

Tsvetelin Dimitrov is a student, journalist and a blogger. He writes interesting articles, concerning the brain functioning and questions that we all ask ourselves in the everyday life.

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