7 Things Smart People Don’t Do

Being smart has so to do with so much more than answering trivia questions or doing well on tests. Being smart includes a vast array of other things as well. Compassion, creativity, humor, humility, curiosity, and understanding are all a part of what we call “smart”. Smart people know that everything in life has the possibility to be positive or negative, depending on how we choose to look at it. But what about the things that smart people DON’T do?

The following is a short list of things that smart people don’t do. 

1. They Don’t Let Their Inner Voice Run Their Lives.

Smart people silence their inner voice. You know the one. That voice that offers a running commentary when someone is speaking to you. It’s the one that pops up with your own opinions being formed and judgments being made before all possible information is provided. It’s the voice that keeps you from appreciating what is really being said. These people know to focus less on what the brain has to say and more on who is speaking.

2. They Don’t Let Previous Failures Dictate Their Current State.

Smart people understand that failure is the key to growth. Far too many people give the past the power to rule the future. But smart people know ‘what’s done is done’ and they leave the past behind them. They see failures and stumbles as opportunities for growth and improvement.

3. They Don’t Pretend To Have All The Answers.

Smart people know that there is always more to learn. They don’t ever assume to know the answers to everything because life is always teaching us new things. They pair reason and curiosity with an open mind.

4. They Do Not Focus On The Negative.

Smart people know that they control their thoughts, and they willingly decide to focus those thoughts on the positive. Smart people realize that whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. They know that life is much more enjoyable when they allow  wonder, creativity, and love into their lives.

5. They Aren’t Concerned About What Others Think.

Smart people know that other people’s negativity can’t deter them from a life of happiness. The world is full of cynics, doubters, and worry-warts. But smart people ignore the naysayers and choose to surround themselves with others who share their values and ideals.

6. They Don’t Worry About Things They Can’t Control.

Smart people understand that there are numerous things they can’t control and some of those things are less than pleasant. Traffic, mean people, illness- all are taken in stride. Smart people choose to focus on how they respond to circumstances, which is what they CAN control. They are aware that stillness of the mind is a beautiful gift, and they make the most of it.

7. They Are Continuously Grateful.

Smart people understand appreciation and are thankful for what life brings them. They know that everything is temporary and are grateful for the moments and things that come their way. They know that a simple gesture as small as a smile can change someone’s day.

Written by Raven Fon

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