Skinny Pigs: The Internet’s Newest Adorable Obsession

You’ve probably heard of or even seen a hairless Sphinx cat, but have you ever heard of hairless guinea pigs?

Well, they are the internet’s newest obsession, and we can definitely see why.

The so-called ‘skinny pigs’ are naturally hairless, apart from their sweet little mustaches and a few hairs on their tiny legs. These ridiculously charming creatures are the result of cross-breeding done back in 1978.

Presently, the skinny pigs are turning into the hottest Instagram celebrities.

Meet Ludwik, the hairless guinea pig, who literally started from zero to hero. The poor piggy was abandoned, but he found new loving owners and became an internet sensation in no time!

People just love Ludwik, as he currently has over 271,000 Instagram followers!

Just because skinny pigs are not fluffy, doesn’t mean they’re not absolutely adorable.

Ever since this special breed of guinea pigs was created, they have been gaining popularity as house pets all over Europe and North America. But even though these four-legged sweethearts may look quite unusual, they are not that different from the furry guinea pigs we’re used to seeing.

They are just as lively and playful as their cousins.

Besides, they are one of the cutest little rodents out there.

Perhaps the only real difference is that skinny pigs need to eat more, so they can maintain their body temperature. Moreover, they should always have access to snug, cozy blankets, as they don’t have natural furry coats to keep them warm.

The hairless darlings are also pretty sensitive to sunlight, so have this in mind if you’ve already fallen in love with them and want to take one home.

As a skinny pig owner, you should know they need a frequent application of sunblock on their silky skin if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in direct sunlight.

What’s more, because of their very little hair, skinny pigs are the perfect pets for people allergic to furry animals.

Are you already a skinny pig owner? If not, do you secretly wish you were? Share your thoughts on these bizarre-looking cuties in the comment section.

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