How Singing Can Help Heal Thyroid Disease

How Singing Can Help Heal Thyroid Disease.

Russian Doctor, Dr. Oler Torsunov gives advice to everyone who has a problem with the thyroid – Sing! It is especially good for patients with reduced thyroid function. He says that by opening the throat (or throat chakra) patients can help themselves to heal.
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He claims that the thyroid gland, and also the whole endocrine system are closely associated with the human emotions, especially with the emotion of love.

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped structure that lies on the windpipe below the Adam’s Apple. The Adam’s apple is formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx (voice box), which joins the trachea (windpipe) to the back of the oral cavity.

The thyroid disease most often occurs to sensitive people who strongly experience everything that happens to them, those who get deeply hurt with the bad behavior of other people. They correspond with a sense of deep hurt and resentment. The negative emotions remain frozen in the body, and they are collected in the thyroid gland, and then it comes to thyroid disorders often leading to life claiming diseases such as cancer.
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“You can free yourself of accumulated negative emotions – by singing.”

Dr. Torsunov says: “Sing. Singing will help the thyroid gland to get rid of the negative emotions that are stuck in it. The nodules in the thyroid gland will disappear by themselves. Sing happy songs, no matter what kind of problems you have.”

Time magazine reports that: ‘As the popularity of group singing grows, science has been hard at work trying to explain why it has such a calming yet energizing effect on people. What researchers are beginning to discover is that singing is like an infusion of the perfect tranquilizer, the kind that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits.’

There are other simple and natural ways to help restore Thyroid function and combat disease, here are just a few:

The following traditional recipe is a very simple completely natural remedy which  stimulates the thyroid function and was created by Dr. Igor Knjazkina, a famous doctor from St. Petersburg. It should be used in the case of reduced thyroid function (hypothyroidism).
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  • In the evening, before bedtime, take an onion and cut it into two halves, allow the juice to start leaking from them.
  • Gently, in circular movements, massage your neck in the area of the thyroid with the onion halves – one half each side.
  • Then, without washing out the neck, get into bed, and leave the juice to act overnight.

Kelp supplements which are also high in Iodine are very good natural supplements to take to improve the metabolism and alleviate thyroid conditions.

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