5 gross signs you’ve reached the highest levels of comfort in your relationship

People in a fresh relationship tend to hide or altogether avoid the gross parts of being human.

We will hold in farts until our intestines explode, and erase any evidence of having been to the toilet like it’s a crime scene.

And then it starts happening. She spots a zit on your back and asks if she can remove it. Don’t be alarmed, the world isn’t ending; you’re just becoming grossly comfortable in each other’s company.

Here are five signs that your relationship has reached the highest levels of comfort.

1. Shaving isn’t a requirement, it becomes a choice

Ask any man or woman and they’ll often tell you that waxing/shaving/hair removal is something they wish they could stop doing. Sure, many of us simply like the feeling of being smooth and hairless. But there are times when you just don’t have the needed time for such procedures. So, at least once every now and then a little bit of bush down there or anywhere won’t bother you or them.

2. Breaking wind is no longer embarrassing

Farting is almost a taboo when it comes to a freshly started relationship. An unspoken truth. Unless you’ve been together for a long time, and the person means the world to you. You would think the deeper you fall in love, the more romantic things would become. But in the real world, a stinky fart is sometimes the best indication of true love. Gross. But true nevertheless.

3. You pee with the door open

In the beginning, people use bathroom time to do all sorts of secret activities. But once you begin opening up and being completely honest, you can just start leaving the door open.

This has numerous benefits. No more interrupted conversations. You can just keep on talking while you pee. In addition, it readies you for sharing a bathroom at crowded events and parties, which, in turn, buys you a little extra time in front of the mirror.

4. You don’t mind them peeing when you share a shower together

Normally, a shower with your partner is an amazing way to share a sexual moment together while keeping clean… And when you find that you don’t mind you partner peeing in the shower you two are sharing, you know the relationship is going places!

5. You announce when you’re about to go number two 💩

This is the finishing line (unless you like to poop on an open door, which nobody would get on board with). Being honest about gross deeds shows that the relationship has reached the ultimate height.

However, as with other things mentioned above, you should keep your announcements to a minimum. Just because you’re comfortable enough to say it doesn’t mean you need to overshare.

If you’ve been through all this with nothing but love and care for your partner, congratulations! You have taken your relationship to the next level!

Have you and your partner reached the next level yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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