13 Telltale Signs You’ve Grown Truly Close With Your Partner

To be close with someone means that you always want the best for one another despite everything and everyone.

You always care about each other.

You share personal, important emotions and details with each other.

Your feelings towards each other are reciprocal.

Everything which goes on is equally shared.

If you want to find out whether you have grown truly close with your partner, you should read these 13 telltale signs:

1. They are honest with you.

It doesn’t matter if you ask them about the divorce of their parents or whether they like your new hairstyle. They shouldn’t be lying you at all. They should be honest and open with you about everything.

2. Call you back.

If you call or text them while they’re busy with something else and cannot answer right away, they get back to you as soon as possible. And they do this always.

3. They are there for you

If you are really close to your partner they should be there for you. No matter the circumstances and the situation.

4. Keep their word.

They keep their promises all the time. They always do what they’ve said. Their actions support their words.

5. They are always on time.

Coming late is something they never do. They know this is a sign of disrespect. Your partner appreciates you and your time, so you couldn’t ever see them being late.

6. They help you.

Your partner helps you a lot, with everything they can. If you do the washing they do the cleaning or the other way round. You split your duties equally.

7. Always stay kind.

They are never rude and always keep their calm even when you fight. Your partner knows how to control themselves. They never offend you and always try to solve problems peacefully.

8. Pay attention to you.

The call you just to know if you’re doing OK. They care about what you are up to and try to satisfy your needs. Your partner is always there for you when you need a helping hand.

9. They are mature.

Your partner never behaves like a child and never makes you feel uncomfortable. They are always good with your friends. Your partner shows their respect to you and to all of the people you love.

10. Make plans with you.

They always include you in their plans. And this is not only when they have a day off. You discuss your future and build it together.

11. Never forget important days.

They always remember when your birthday or anniversary is. They know how important these dates are to you. And that’s why they are important for them as well.

12. Surprise you.

They think about you all the time. They try to show you how often they think about you by giving you small gifts. A flower or a teddy bear. Something that proves you are always on their mind.

13. Put effort.

This is the strongest sign of love. Through their efforts, they show how much they care. Your partner always works hard so that things between you go well.

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