It’s easier to read your men — 8 red flags that your man might be a cheater

Do you have a feeling that something is just off? You are not sure exactly what it is, but your gut tells you that your man is having an affair.

You might not want to think about it because every time you do, it makes you feel sick.

Fortunately, there are some red flags that can reveal whether he(or she?) is a cheater.

1. He has started using his phone more, but not for you

If you’ve noticed that he is texting more often, while taking ages to reply to you, then maybe that is a sign your man is cheating on you. Now that doesn’t mean that he is cheating for sure. He could just be having regular important conversations and less time to communicate with you…

2. He is going out more

Whether he says he needs to spend more time with friends or something else keeps coming up, this could be a strong sign that he has started seeing another woman.

3. Suddenly he cares much more about his appearance

You have been together long enough to notice a sudden change in the way he is caring for his appearance, his health, and even his hygiene habits. Who is he trying to impress? Is it you or could it be someone else?

4. He has become selfish

If your man has started to put his own needs above everything, never asking what you want and need, he could be a cheater, as this is an incredibly selfish act on its own.

5. He avoids intimacy with you

If your man has started to avoid being intimate with you, that is a giant red flag. A man who fears intimacy is likely to cheat to feel like he has still got power over his sex life, or because he wants to be with someone who is younger and more “exciting”.

6. His dating profile is still active

If you met online and you deleted your profile after you two became a couple, but his profile is still active, it is likely that he is cheating on you, or planning to do so.

7. He has become increasingly aggressive as of late

If your man is getting argumentative over every small thing, he could be looking for an excuse to escape from your relationship in order to find someone else.

8. He needs his “alone time”

You two were comfortable with spending lots of time together but suddenly he has started needing more and more time by himself. Ask yourself what he is doing with all that alone time. Ask him as well. And if the answer isn’t convincing enough, he might be cheating on you.

If you think there are more signs we may have missed, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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