7 signs you might be ruining your relationship

Not gonna lie, relationships take a lot of work.

They are complicated and pretty difficult at times. But they are also beautiful and exciting. That’s why it’s worth fighting for them. Most of the times.

Lately, you might have the feeling that you and your partner are growing apart. Maybe they stopped listening to your daily struggles, or you prefer to spend a night alone over in their company. Things have gotten a bit too challenging.

Instead of giving up, and blaming each other for everything you’re going through, think about what made you fall in love in the first place. Simply be there for one another. Notice what’s bothering you, and talk it through before it gets unbearable.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like fighting for your relationship is worth it, better move on to your separate paths, and stop making each other miserable.

Here are 7 clues that you might be ruining your relationship without realizing it.

1. You don’t keep your promises

When you’re in a relationship with somebody, you need to be sure that you can rely on that person. If you or your partner constantly break your promises, then you definitely have some issues to solve. Things are not going to work if you can’t trust each other, and you know that. Following through the things you’ve promised is not that hard. However, in case you somehow find it difficult, then simply don’t give promises that you know you can’t keep.

2. You want different things for your future

Once upon a time, you had the same dreams, and you wanted to achieve the same goals in your life. But recently, one or both of you are changing, and your future plans don’t align anymore. You might have noticed that the more you change, the more you disconnect from one another.

3. You ignore each other

Paying attention is key in relationships. Your partner might be telling you how their day was, or you could be sharing a funny story from your childhood with them. No matter what, both of you need to listen and show interest in each other’s lives. It’s simple: if it matters to your partner, it should matter for you. Ignoring each other means you’re not excited about your lives anymore. Well, what’s the point in staying together, if you don’t even find your partner interesting and exciting?

4. You avoid talking about your problems

Having a proper communication flow is crucial for sustaining a healthy relationship. When a red light is flicking, you better sit down and talk through the problems you’re having. Otherwise, they are just going to pile up. Eventually, you’ll be strangers again, but this time for good.

5. You’re hiding secrets

Hiding secrets by default is surely a sign of a rotten relationship. Perhaps you often prefer telling a little lie here and there, instead of being honest with your partner. This means you’re not feeling comfortable with being yourself with your significant other. On the other hand, this makes you untrustworthy. Rather than mistreating your partner, think about why you can’t share your thoughts and feelings with them anymore. If you talk things through, you might find a way to save what’s left from your relationship.

6. You don’t spend enough time together

In a relationship, you should spend enough time with your partner, so none of you is feeling left out or neglected. You need to rearrange your priorities in a way that your other half is taking a main role in your plans. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your free time with them, but you definitely should avoid ignoring them for ‘a night with the guys’. Once you start constantly neglecting your partner, growing apart is almost inevitable.

7. You are together all the time

On the other hand, you might spend all of your time together, which can also be a problem. Not only you might quickly lose interest in each other, but you may also start picking unnecessary fights that result in something quite ugly. Both of you should respect the other’s privacy and the need for some alone time. This way you’ll be able to surprise each other, which is a lovely way to keep the spark alive for longer.

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