10 signs you might be a passionate overachiever trapped in a lazy body

Do you feel like you have an amazingly creative mind that’s trapped in the body of an extremely lazy person? Well, there is a chance you might be absolutely right.

In fact, you might be one of the exceptional people who possess a wild combination of artistic ingenious minds, and a constant desire for relaxation. At the same time, you want to create new things and work on your numerous ideas, but you also wish you were in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. You have a bit of both worlds inside of you.

However, even if you’re a walking paradox, you seem to handle your life pretty damn well. Aren’t you?

Here are a few signs you are probably one of these extraordinary lazy overachievers.

1. Your whole life is one big self-conflict.

It seems like you’re living in an ongoing war with yourself. Maybe this is because you’re awfully indecisive, and this drives you crazy. Having more than one option to choose from gives you little anxiety attacks at times. And the hardest thing is to choose between doing something extremely productive and taking a nap. It’s difficult because you feel like you desperately need to do both.

2. You’re either doing everything at once or doing nothing at all.

When it comes to doing your tasks and chores, you’re either trying to fit everything in one day, or you just sit and wait for them to complete themselves. One day you’re overproductive, multitasking, and doing the best you can, and the other day you’re just a cute little couch potato, binge-watching the silliest sitcom. There is no in-between for you.

3. The things you love doing should never make you work hard.

This might be your life mantra. Besides, it’s probably the reason for all of your achievements. Everything you do, you do it with love. As for the things that simply don’t spark joy in you, you always find a way to avoid doing them. Being a hard-worker is just not your thing.

4. You’re either super stylish, or you wear the same hoodie for days.

When you get in the mood for investing your energy into creating something new and exciting, you love to doll up and look super stylish. However, in the meantime, you just put on your coziest oversized hoodie, and you don’t even care to change it for a few days straight.

5. You have great ambitions but low energy levels.

You have always been a dreamer, and you have an admirable set of goals. Unfortunately, your energy levels sometimes are not high enough for you to take the steps needed. That’s probably your biggest obstacle on your journey to self-growth. But there is always a bright side. Your laziness is teaching you how to take smaller, but more efficient steps. This helps you be successful without investing every last bit of your energy.

6. You love long to-do lists.

You love listing your tasks and checking them out. But when it comes to actually executing them, your excitement levels fall down to a minimum. Well, you might do a few tasks just to feel like you’ve accomplished something, but that’s all. The rest you leave with the phrase you love so much: “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

7. You don’t believe in destiny.

The theory that it will all make sense in the end, and everything will be the way it should be, does not impress you at all. You just don’t believe that someone or something else has already predetermined your whole life. What you believe in is that you are the creator of your future. You achieve your goals, not because you’re destined to do so, but because you work hard enough.

8. You were an average student who evolved into a highly intelligent adult.

While you were still a student, you didn’t really invest much of your energy in school. That wasn’t because you were a bad student, but because you weren’t interested in everything you had to study. However, when you were enjoying your classes, you were always giving your best. Now, as an adult, you have the freedom to choose what to specialize in, and you always choose things you really love. That’s why you are great and extremely talented in everything you do.

9. Dating is not really your thing.

When it comes to relationships, you are an all or nothing type of person. Casual flirting and occasional dating is just not for you. What you truly believe in is devotion and strong commitment. That’s because, when you love, you invest all of your energy into your relationship and your partner.

10. You are actually a balanced person.

Even though you are in constant war with yourself, you manage to find the perfect balance between leisure and productivity. Your biggest drive to win this inner war is to find harmony and to be at peace with yourself. What you wish for yourself is just to be happy with who you are.

If you want to be super productive today, so you can relax tomorrow, just do it. Because that’s the perfect formula for your unique lazy, yet overachieving personality. It ain’t broken if it works, right?

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