5 signs you might be dating a sociopath

When someone is in love or infatuated with another person they don’t tend to pay attention to the details, especially the unflattering ones. Needless to say, one shouldn’t glance over problems that seem like a red flag, especially because the issue could be much more complicated than expected.

Yes, we are talking about sociopaths.

Of course, if anything, the term sociopath has become a very popular buzz word, descriptive of most people we think have done us wrong.

However, it is important to recognize that ‘diagnosing‘ someone or even yourself is not a healthy practice. Real-life situations are very complicated and multifaceted and when talking about a ‘diagnosis’, professional medical help should be sought, there is no doubt about that.

Moreover, the term sociopath is one mostly seen in popular culture- it is not a clinical term. The clinical diagnosis with the closest proximity to the meaning of sociopath is antisocial personality disorder (APD), which encompasses behavioral patterns such as disregarding or violating social norms and the law.

However, this article will explore some general, even typical characteristics which a sociopath or a person with sociopathic tendencies may exhibit. Hence, awareness will be spread on the issue, enabling people to possess a better understanding of what such behavior may look like and how to potentially protect themselves.

So what is a sociopath?

Typical qualities of a sociopath include no comprehension of right and wrong, a pattern of lying and manipulation, lack of empathy, emotional unavailability, an inflated sense of self-importance, as well as impulsive and irresponsible behavior.

Here are the top five sociopathic qualities you should be aware of:

1. Egomaniac

A big ego could potentially be a sign for overcompensation. If that is true for your case, this may be a red flag. Sociopaths tend to perceive themselves as superior to most people due to their ‘perfect’ nature. Therefore, it is hard for them to hide their inflated ego, nor do they want to do so.

However, they do not like to be challenged in any way, shape or form because that inflated sense of self-worth is nothing but a mere facade to hide a very insecure nature. They have to be always right and the most knowledgeable on any topic. Needless to say, the moment you may challenge that narrative, you might find yourself in a difficult situation of emotional abuse.

2. The psychoanalysis

Sociopaths are very skilled and tactful when it comes to their methods of manipulation. They carefully pick and choose the right ‘target’ for them- namely the one most vulnerable and prone to manipulation. Moreover, they would analyze you very carefully in order to get a better understanding of your weaknesses. In this way, they could easily misuse that information for their own selfish games.

Getting to know your thought process is key to this. But most people don’t tell someone they have just met any intimate details, right?

Wrong. They possess a tactic of sharing something personal, from their childhood or a past relationship, and, thus, reel you in to do the same. However, the difference is that they will not confide in you something very special or close to the heart, it would be most likely something superficial, packed in the pretty package of ‘being very intimate’. When you get too comfortable and feel like you can trust them, this type of person has a way of proving how very wrong you are.

3. Doesn’t follow rules

Rules are for losers, right?

Well, apart from being above every person on the planet Earth, sociopaths are also above the law, or any other social ‘construct’. They are pretty much a waste of their precious time and genius mind, so they just ignore them and do what they want to (mostly).

While ‘normal’ people tend to think about a certain decision long and hard before they make it, sociopaths definitely live on the adrenaline of ‘making their own rules‘.

4. No remorse

This kind of people rarely feels bad about something they have done in the past or present. Remorse is an emotion very far from sociopaths, as exemplified by their tendency to take pleasure in building someone up, only to watch them fall…and enjoy the burning view.

That is how they satisfy and fuel their self-idolized perception even more.

Their ‘victim’s’ downfall would be the grand reward for their efforts and they simply do not care what they have to do to experience it. Their lack of emotions, aside from anger, is essential to their cunning nature.

5. Enjoys hurting you

A moral compass you say?

No, they don’t have any. Due to their lack of morality (in most cases) and inability to form strong, emotional bonds with other individuals, they play with your emotions and get very bored…very fast. They like to get to know your insecurities and flaws in order to hurt you, as mentioned above.

They may ‘act’ as if they show remorse, however, it would not be genuine. Moreover, it would be with the intention to reel you back into their web so they can inflict more harm on you. They really enjoy seeing you trust them only to fall in this endless cycle of pain.

‘Normal’ people also tend to exhibit manipulative behavior at times (even subconsciously), however, they would not go to the lengths sociopaths do, as they possess the conscience and moral compass not to.

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