7 telling signs that you are not ready for a new relationship

For many people, the fastest way to get over a breakup and move on is to jump straight into a new relationship.

However, this could be a major mistake, as you are still emotionally vulnerable and could easily become a victim of a more devastating situation.

In order for a relationship to turn into something meaningful, you require full emotional stability and inner strength.

As people say, a relationship can never feel like being single because it is a full-time job. So there is no need to rush it. Wait and take the time to prepare yourself for when the real thing comes your way.

Here are some of the main signs to prove that you are not ready to enter into the realm of a new relationship since you have not fully recovered from the former.

1. You are still hung up on your ex

Does seeing your ex-partner with another person make you angry or jealous? Do you still keep in touch with him or her? If your answer to both of these question is “yes”, then you’re definitely not ready for someone new to enter your life. You have to fully let go of the past before you commit to someone new.

2. You are afraid

Fear is often synonymous with love. In this case, you are afraid to get hurt again. You think all other people must be like your ex and that they are all out to crush and hurt you. Hence, you do not want to take any risks. And this, in turn, means that you are not ready to fight for what could be a promising journey either.

3. You are not being yourself around your new date

Trying to become someone else just to be accepted or liked is one of the worst things you could possibly do if you’re trying to get into a new relationship. At some point, your true colors will eventually show and that won’t be a pretty picture.

Be yourself from the start, or don’t even go there.

4. You are lazy

Being broken can make you soft, lazy and weak. A new relationship has to make new life rush through your veins and to push you to become more active. You cannot be lazy and depressed when you dive into something new. A relationship should unleash your romantic capacities and creativity. But if you are lazy and cannot invest enough energy into it, this simply means that you still have not gotten over your past relationship.

Be ready to give some energy. If you’re about to start a new relationship, you need to push yourself into making your partner happy and satisfied in all areas.

5. The people you’re trying to be with are either unavailable or uninterested to commit

If you’re consistently looking for hookups, then maybe this is a sign you don’t truly want a serious relationship. It’s the equivalent of self-sabotage – you’re basically going to a candy shop hoping they’ll have pizza. It just won’t happen. If you really wanted a relationship, you would find a person who also wants one.

6. You’re unwilling to compromise

unwilling to compromise

The “My way or the highway” attitude is incompatible with a serious relationship. If you are unwilling to admit that you’re wrong or make a compromise, then you may want to hold on a little longer before letting someone new into your life.

7. You are filled with anger

Being hurt and being angry and unwilling to forgive are two different things. You believe that you have been wronged and that life has conspired against you. But such bitterness will not permit you to see the new possibilities and the wonders that could be waiting for you around the corner. If you want to experience the happiness of a new relationship, you first have to forgive the past and be ready to admit what you benefited from your previous relationship, rather than just thinking about what you lost.

We hope that these tips could help you get a clearer picture of your situation, so you could, in turn, make the best choice for yourself. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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