10 telling signs you’re in a Karmic relationship

A karmic relationship can be defined as a strong and irresistible romantic bond that is formed between two people and functions as a force for healing past life wounds.

This means that if you find a person you have a karmic connection with, you immediately feel a nostalgic closeness or a sense of swimming in familiar waters which makes the relationship extremely powerful.

If you wish to bring to light the karmic relationship patterns, you must learn to spot the various karmic themes, for instance, how you have always felt. You need to also be able to single out patterns and then learn to switch your point of view.

Here are 10 signs you are in a karmic relationship:

1. It feels like it’s meant to be

Meeting a karmic partner can feel like a cupid’s arrow. You both belong to the same soul group and have probably been dwelling around together for a number of past lives, so reuniting this time around is sure to feel like a homecoming. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship will be all sunshine and rainbows (as you have likely guessed by now).

2. Your partner is selfish (or you are)

Karmic relationships have trouble honoring healthy boundaries. You may notice that your significant other places their own interests before yours or those of your mutual partnership. This one is highly important to pay attention to, as it can evolve into a more dangerous form of a karmic relationship.

3. Repeating old patterns

If you find yourselves going through the same fights time and time again, you might be in a karmic relationship. You two may have broken up only to get back together again.

These reemerging patterns mean that you have not learned the karmic lessons that have previously presented themselves to you. The chance for personal growth comes from breaking the pattern and learning from what made you go back only to repeat your mistakes.

4. You try to convince yourself you’re destined to be together

Commonly in karmic relationships, you will unendingly be forcing a conviction that you two are just meant to be. Despite the red flags, troubles, or repeated failures, you try to persuade yourself into thinking there’s a way around because your love was written in the stars.

5. You are addicted to your partner

If you experience a high amount of negative emotions in your relationship and you still feel addicted to your partner so strongly that you are unable to leave, that is a clear sign what you two have is purely karmic. You feel powerless without your other half even though you are suffering emotionally in that relationship.

6. They awaken all your worst fears

They bring forth all the things you are gravely afraid of. Fear of being alone, fear of emotional neglect, and all the boogeymen hiding in your closet.

7. They show you your shadow self

The karmic relationship has a soulmate-like connection at its root and is specifically tailored to bring you face to face with your shadow.

If the dark side of your psyche keeps on rising when you are in the company of your partner, yet they don’t meet you with the understanding and compassion you require in order to heal, then you may have found yourself in a karmic relationship.

8. Your partner is controlling

It can be indicative that your relationship is a karmic one if your other half isn’t happy with you spending time with your friends and family or if they don’t trust you which, in turn, leads them to always question you about your whereabouts. One of the main reasons people turn into control freaks is that they want the world to revolve around them as they are sickly afraid of losing their partner.

9. They are dangerously unpredictable

Karmic relationships are incredibly hectic, unpredictable and erratic. The best option you have is to let go, for your own sake, as soon as you identify such a relationship.

10. Karmic relationships do not last

Your karmic relationship partner is not a person you can grow old with, no matter how much you wish for it. In contrast to what you are told by TV and the media, these kinds of relationships are born out of conflict and end in conflict. They are highly unhealthy, and usually, do not last forever.

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