10 telling signs he has stopped loving you

Do you have a gut feeling your relationship is starting to crumble and you need to start picking up the signs he doesn’t love you anymore?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

A man will rarely tell you he doesn’t love you anymore straight to your face, especially if he still harbors warm feelings for you. This could mean anything from respect to pure friendship. And sometimes that feeling is the only thing that would stand in his way of ending things with you. But would you not rather break up then and there if you knew the truth instead of enduring months of uncertainty and agony?

Before cutting the cord you should be able to identify the signs he doesn’t love you anymore.

So here some of the signs you should be looking for if you want a to have a clearer picture of the situation:

1. He doesn’t help you when you’re suffering

Relationships are all about mutual support.

This is part of the emotional bond of a relationship. And if he doesn’t show interest in comforting or helping you when you are in a bad place, he is breaking off one of the most important ways to emotionally connect – and this is a sign that he could be thinking of cutting ties altogether.

2. He avoids your presence

Have you noticed that somehow you don’t seem to be running into each other that often anymore, even though you live in the same place? Be sure, that’s not coincidental.

By now he has learned your schedule and knows when you’re coming home. Hence, he will try to make sure he is not around when you get home.

If a man loses his feelings for you, he will try to avoid you in order to make you understand he wants out. And from then on spending time together will be something you’ll experience rarely. This is a very dark sign and you should be taking it seriously.

3. Your intimacy is almost nonexistent

It’s normal to want to be next to each other all the time and not be able to keep your hands off each other at the beginning of a relationship. As time goes by, it’s expected that your wild sex life will slow down to a pace that is normal for you both.

But if you’ve stopped having sex altogether and it doesn’t seem like your man is even turned on by you anymore, it’s a huge sign the relationship is coming to an end.

4. He never calls first

It’s hard for a man to come up with a defense other than him not caring enough if he doesn’t take the initiative to call you. Sure, there will be times when you have to call him first but if you still have a place in his heart, you wouldn’t be the only one doing it all the time. Among other indications, calling first shows that he thinks about you and that his affection for you is natural and not forced.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you keep being the one calling first is a strange delay in the time he takes to pick up his phone, lack of enthusiasm or aggressiveness in his tone, or an unwillingness to speak with you, among other things. You should be quick to read and understand what is going on once you start paying attention to all these signs.

5. He’s become secretive

If he is on his phone smiling but switching it off as soon as you walk by, or is leaving the house without ever telling you where he’s going or when he’ll be back, this is not right. You’ve chosen to live together and you should be willing to share everything. A relationship requires full-time commitment.

If he does not feel the need to tell you where he’s going just so you won’t be worrying about his whereabouts, then he has stopped caring about you.

6. He has stopped telling you he loves you

Have you lately been asking yourself “Does he still love me?” When a man is in love he makes it obvious to you and to the world.

He should be letting you know, without a shred of hesitance, that he loves you.

If your guy is not showing that he loves you like he used to, or has stopped saying it to you, it most probably means he doesn’t.

7. He has become increasingly selfish

A man’s behavior will likely take a very selfish turn as soon as he starts losing interest in his relationship. He may become more self-oriented and inconsiderate in his interactions with you. This could take on a variety of shapes. For example, he becomes extremely selfish in bed, he stops asking for your opinion on where you should both go out on dates, all he cares about is his friends, work, studies and routine, and he fails to acknowledge his self-centered behavior even after you’ve pointed it out to him.

8. He gets irritated when you start a playful conversation

Playful conversations and cute names are a normal part of a couple’s life. As the puppy-love effect wears off, these things will naturally diminish, but they should still remain rooted in everyday behavior.

Surely, if you do this all day long, your man’s annoyance may be justified. But a full aversion to anything cutesy can be a sign that he no longer wants to be invested in the relationship.

9. He no longer talks about your common future

If he never talks about your shared future it basically means that he doesn’t see you in it. You might be convenient for him to stick around for a while but that’s not going to last long.

And once you notice this, you will know that the spark that kept your relationship alight is now gone. Let it burn out, there is no point in trying to force it back to life.

10. He doesn’t get jealous

There is no such thing as a man who never gets jealous. He may pretend he is not jealous but the truth is all men have a bit of possessiveness over their women hiding inside. It’s only a matter of how well they are able to hide it (rarely too well).

But even if he is hiding his jealousy, you have to be able to notice a change if you pay attention to his behavior. After careful observation, you will understand if he’s not showing any signs of being jealous at all. And that’s a truly bad sign.

A man who loves his partner will always feel a bit afraid that someone might take her away from him. And if he is not, then maybe he wants you to be taken.

Have you noticed your partner exhibiting any of the abovementioned signs? How would you react if your suspicions proved to be correct? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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