Shocking moment: Man, 21, is shot dead by cops on Facebook Live

In Indianapolis, a 21-year-old man was shot dead while running from police, as he streamed a Facebook Live video of the chase.

On Wednesday afternoon, officers detected a vehicle that was driving erratically on Interstate 95. They immediately began pursuing the car. At the time, the 21-year-old driver, Sean Reed, started a live-stream, filming the chase. Reed fled the policemen at up to 90mph for about 10 minutes, as Mail Online reports. Eventually, the officers stopped the man in a parking lot.

Image credits: Facebook

In the live stream, Reed can be seen getting out of his vehicle, as someone loudly orders him to stop. Instead of listening to the orders, the man started running and replied: ‘F*** you!’ before he fell on the ground after a series of gunshots.

Later on, Indianapolis police reported of an officer-involved shooting at the same intersection the man was heard calling out in the video. However, they did not confirm it was the same incident.

As they reported, during the foot chase, there was a verbal argument between a suspect and an officer. Afterward, the officer used a stun gun on the man before shooting him.

WTHR, a local TV station, revealed the suspect had opened fire on the policeman. According to investigators, there was a gun at the crime scene, which they suppose belonged to the man.

Although police did not announce the name of the deceased suspect, family and friends identified him as Sean Reed. They shared that Reed graduated from Lawrence North High School and served in the Air Force.

Image credits: Facebook

As the tragic Facebook live stream was watched by nearly 5,000 viewers, it instantly provoked public outrage.

Later the same day, more than 100 people gathered at the scene paying a tribute to the murdered 21-year-old, while chanting: ‘No justice, no peace.’

The officer who shot Reed was not named by the police, but they revealed he was also black. Police also said he was not injured in the confrontation.

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