She Loved You More Than Anything But You Took Her For Granted. And Now It’s Too Late To Turn The Tide

You were all she ever wanted but you took her for granted!

She was willing to sacrifice everything just to be by your side. She wanted you more than anything in this world. All she wanted for you was to show her that you cared. To tell her that you could see yourself growing old with her and that you loved her with all your heart. But you failed to do that. And you didn’t even take a minute to think about all of this. Because you never loved her in the first place.

You meant everything to her.

She loved you for who you truly are despite your imperfections. She had faith in you and she had faith that one day you would start appreciating her more. But her hopes were never fulfilled.

She loved you with all her heart.

She didn’t expect riches and glamour because you were the most precious thing in her world. And all she needed was your love and care. Inside, she begged for your affection and love. She was in desperate need of you telling her how much you loved her. That’s all she wanted from you.

But her dreams never came true.

She thought that maybe, at some point in time, you would see her in a different light. But you just didn’t love her and never made an effort to try. Maybe she was too much of a woman for you.

She was just a number for you.

But you wanted to keep her as a plan B just in case things didn’t go the way you expected with other women in your life. You wanted to keep her on the side as someone who will be there, waiting for you no matter what.

You were taking her love for granted.

You never valued her and yet she never stopped hoping that you would eventually start appreciating her. She was waiting for you to realize how much she was ready to invest in you. She loved only you and was ready to give up everything just to be by your side.

But you remained blind to all of it.

You weren’t mature enough to take her seriously. You were always looking for flaws in her and you thought that she will always run after you no matter what you did. But you were wrong.

And she finally opened another chapter in her life. 

She understood that all she did was for nothing. So she chose to stop wasting her life and move on to find true happiness.

And then it hit you.

You came to the realization that you actually couldn’t live without her. You understood how much she was sacrificing for you and how rare it was for someone to love you so deeply.

She will never come back.

You lost the most incredible woman because you didn’t make her a priority. You lost her because you couldn’t stop looking at other women. Because you thought that you could always do better, no matter what. But you were wrong.

She didn’t want to be used as a plan B so she found the strength to move on. And be sure, she will never return. A precious woman like that shouldn’t have to waste her love and her life on someone who doesn’t see her worth.

You didn’t give her the love and attention she deserved and you got what you deserved in return. You lost a person who was ready to give it all just to be with you. You lost a woman whose sole purpose in life was to be by your side and be happy with you. You lost a precious gem that cannot be replaced by any other.

And here’s the truth…

She is a one-of-a-kind woman whose love is purer than anything else. A woman whose love knows no boundaries.  And she deserves to find her true happiness.

She deserves to have someone as devoted and loving as she is by her side. A man who would give it all just to see her happy. And one day she will find that pure happiness. But it won’t be with you.

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