Self-Proclaimed Prophet in Malawi Allegedly Sells Soap That Can Wash Away Sins

A Malawi man who refers to himself as “Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,” is said to be selling soap which has his photo on it, claiming that it can absolve people’s sins.

In order to get more people to buy his products, his promoters are claiming that the Lion of Judah soap (or Bushiri Soap) will give them the opportunity to commit sins during the day and they can just absolve themselves at night.

As per reports, the wonder soap costs $50 or 5035 in Malawian Kwacha currency.

People around the web have criticized the product saying that the strategy is “one way of the prophet to milk honey from the congregants”.


Posted by Daily Sun on Thursday, September 7, 2017

“Free to sin the whole day and cleanse yourself in the evening with this Bushiri soap” the soaps’ advertisement states.

However, on his own Facebook page, Bushiri, who is also the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Ministries in Malawi, denied that his church is selling the product. He went on saying that this is just propaganda designed to “tarnish our name and the image of our ministry”.

“Beware of their propaganda against our ministry. All the images below are fake! They are doing this simply to tarnish our name and the image of our ministry,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

In addition, Bushiri noted that he received reports some months ago that there are promoters who are selling another Bushiri brand – the blood of Jesus and anointed pregnancy tests.

“But praise be to God we are bigger than this small propaganda,” he continued.

Lion of Judah Lavender Soap.Soap of Victory and Autholity by Prophet Sheperd Bushiri. Washes away even the smallest…

Posted by Obakeng Mevane on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On his page, members of the church are pictured with their own “anointing water/oil” in a small spray bottle. In Bushari’s post, he instructs his people to pray and “watch as the Spirit of God begins to move and touch,” them. He also says it is for their “deliverance.”

However, it remains unclear whether the anointed water is free of charge or not.

But Bushari’s wonder soap is not the first controversy surrounding him. A former deputy minister of Zimbabwe Terence Mukupe, accused the preacher of impregnating his wife. Apparently he is in possession of chats and messages Bushari has had with his wife.

Bushari, however, denied the accusations, explaining that he never even met the wife nor did he ever message her.

“Sadly this guy’s lies are part of a pattern of libel and slander that has been directed at me for over a decade,” Bushiri said.

Bushiri Manufactures Soap that washes away sins Malawian Prophet,who is now based in Zimbabwe,Prophet Sherperd Bushiri…

Posted by The New Dawn on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bushiri is a well known religious figure in Malawi claiming to be the prophet of God.

He has many followers in the country.

Often dressed in suit and tie, Bushiri is said to be performing miracles by healing the sick.

What are your thoughts on this ‘magic’ preacher? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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