Scottish Fans Clean Up After Huge Mess Left Behind In London

Scottish football fans were photographed tidying up the streets of London ahead of the England vs Scotland game last night

They can be seen collecting litter in Leicester Square with flags draped over their shoulders.

Around 20,000 fans headed to London for the big game that resulted in a draw, but only 2,600 of them had tickets for Wembley, while the rest were there simply to support their country.

Image: Kirsty O’Connor/PA

A spokesman for the Mayor of London said regarding the situation:

“It is not possible to hold a fan zone for Scottish fans in London due to the Covid restriction.

Fans should only travel to the capital if they have a ticket or a safe place to watch the match.”

Image: Reuters

Some London Underground travelers had the ‘pleasure’ to watch a fan perform the worm while wearing a kilt and nothing underneath.

You can check it out by clicking below.

There were also others who wore the kilt as they took over London, and many of them also did’t have any underwear on.

Image: PA

Reports say one man took off his kilt and went completely naked. He was taken away by police.

Image: Kirsty O’Connor/PA

Many of the fans chanted ‘we hate f***ing England’ as they jumped into the William Shakespeare fountain in Leicester Square and made a complete mess while in there. 

Image: Reuters

Some other incidents included a fan who walked into the path of a motorcycle rider sending both of them flying upon impact. 

Image: IAMKB/Instagram

Thankfully, none of them was seriously injured.

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