School board member finishes wine glass, swears, and flips off during Zoom meeting

A school board member was captured flipping the middle finger and swearing while finishing her wine glass during a Zoom meeting.

  • Paulette Woods, a school board member, flipped the finger and cursed at her coworkers during a Zoom meeting.
  • Other board members and local residents demanded Woods to apologize for her unacceptable behavior. 
  • In a statement, she declared that there are more serious issues within the educational system than her “seven-second incident.”

Paulette Woods, a Buffalo school board member, was asked to either apologize or resign from her position. This came after a video emerged, showing her unapologetically finishing a wine glass, flipping the middle finger at her colleagues, and cursing at them during a Zoom call.

Credits: Buffalo News / YouTube

As Newsweek reports, at least two of the other school board members and several residents are demanding an explanation for Woods’ unacceptable behavior.

Paulette Woods initially denied the claims against her. However, the video obtained by Buffalo News clearly shows her drinking up the contents of a wine glass and swearing at the camera. After the newspaper’s editorial board and Western New York educators demanded her to “apologize for rudeness, then accept the consequences,” she issued a formal apology.

According to WGRZ-TV, Woods announced her apology on Saturday, November 28. In her statement, she asserted that while the media is focusing on her “seven-second incident,” they are ignoring other more important issues within the educational system.

“We have a board member who is giving people the middle finger on her screen.”

During the scandalous Zoom meeting, only one of the board members appeared to have noticed Woods’ indecent attitude. It was her colleague Larry Scott, who quickly alerted the other members of the board. In the video, Woods can be seen mouthing the words “shut the f**k up b***h, shut the f**k up,” before pushing her middle finger up against the camera.

Credits: Buffalo News / YouTube

While it remains unclear to whom Woods was directing her profane words, the other board members immediately called for dismissing the meeting. In an interview with WGRZ, Scott said:

“The video is clear as to what occurred. There is… it is completely absurd to me to claim unfairness — that concerns are unfounded. I mean then try to communicate better to the parents, the students and community members that have seen that video.”

Although Woods repeatedly tried to deny her outburst, The Buffalo News editorial board urged her to take responsibility for her obscene actions. In an official statement, they wrote:

“Her behavior is complicated by her position as a member of the Buffalo School Board, where she represents the Central District and chairs the Board’s Finance and Operations oversight. In that position, she may be a step removed from the students who interact with teachers and other actual grown-ups, but she is nonetheless a role model – a poor one, based on her behavior last week, but a role model, regardless.”

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