Savage star sign horoscopes from 1979 found with insulting ‘predictions’

Insulting but hilarious horoscope readings from 1979 were found and shared on social media, labeling Sagittariuses as “talentless drunks” and Pisces as “dips***s”.

If you enjoy reading your horoscope, you will be aware of some of the bizarre language sometimes used by their writers.

But whatever you may have read so far, it is highly unlikely that your horoscope came with an extra load of insults directed towards you, and this is exactly what you’ll see in these readings from 41 years ago.

The readings were shared on social media by Twitter user @Friends300 and have amassed more than 546,000 likes so far as people reacted with amusement at their own horoscopes. 

Aquarius comes first, and beautifully sets us up for what is to follow, saying that people born between January 20 and February 18 are progressive and inventive, before throwing in:

“You make the same mistakes repeatedly because you’re stupid. Everyone thinks you’re a f***ing jerk.”

Aries’ are described as being “pr***s”, Pieces are “generally dips***s”, and Leos are told their “disgusting arrogance” results in them spending the majority of their time kissing mirrors. 

Meanwhile, Scorpios are labeled as “the worse of the lot”, with their horoscope reading:

“You are shrewd in business and can’t be trusted. You shall achieve the pinnacle of success because of your total lack of ethics.

You are a perfect son-of-a-b****. Most Scorpios are murderers.”

Sagittariuses are told they’re are talentless drunks and are simply not worth the time of day while Cancer signs are likely to end up in jail.

Over 10,000 people replied to the post, with one commenting:

“Im…pisces and im a dip shi it..”

One Twitter user wrote:

“I never thought a horoscope would attack me like that.”

Another person said:

“The worst of the lot. Most of us are murderers!”

And third wrote:


“Whoever wrote this was obviously hurt by a Leo.”

An Aries replied:

“Still on point. I’m a typical 1979 Aries!!”

And a Sagittarius added:

“Rely on luck since you have no talent’. Omg don’t expose me.”

What are your thoughts on these hilarious horoscopes? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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