SAVAGE husband exposes cheating wife during their baby shower

SAVAGE: Husband takes revenge on his cheating wife in the middle of their baby shower. 

A savage Bolivian man exposed his unfaithful wife in front of all of their friends and family. He revealed his pregnant wife was cheating on him with one of his friends during the baby shower celebrations.

Credits: YouTube

As Elite Readers notes, the husband brought his lawyer with him to support his claims with actual documents proving his wife’s infidelity.

In a now-viral video, the man can be seen addressing everyone attending the baby shower to tell them he and his lawyer will clarify an essential detail of his spouse’s pregnancy. He said:

“This is my lawyer. We have over here a document. You guys all know that I’m expecting a boy. Here, look, I have the pregnancy test, you guys know I’m gonna be a dad. But you know what, you guys overlooked an important detail. Here is proof that she isn’t four months pregnant, but in fact, she is six months pregnant.”

Credits: YouTube

After realizing her unfaithfulness has been exposed to everyone, the woman immediately stood up and tried to calm her husband down. However, her reaction was a little too late after what he had already said and provided evidence for.

What’s more, the real father of the child was amongst the guests.

The other man was actually one of the man’s best friends.

Credits: YouTube

After revealing the real father’s name and showing a video of him and the woman while being intimate, the disappointed husband told everyone:

“That isn’t my child, this party is for these two. This party is not for me, but for them and I will leave it at that.”

At the end of the video, the crowd can be seen attacking the other man, while the husband leaves with his wife desperately chasing after him.

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