Sapiosexuality: Being turned on by intelligence rather than looks


(n) a person who finds intelligence sexually attractive

Intelligence may not be a physical feature, but it definitely can be an object of sexual attraction.

The act of being turned on by someone’s mind rather than their body is called sapiosexuality. In other words, if you find intelligence sexy, then you are a sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuality is actually an incredible thing. It means you have a deep appreciation for people’s inner worlds, mentality, and consciousness. Your own mind gets aroused by intellectuals who are not afraid to overuse their brains. It’s not only someone’s personality that turns you on – it’s their unique, genius perception of life that leaves you speechless every time.

Are you a sapiosexual?

What is the first thing you find attractive in a person? Is it their mesmerizing eyes, their stunning body, or their fascinating mind?

If you get stimulated by a person’s mind and get excited when they challenge yours, then you can consider yourself a sapiosexual. As such, you fall in love not with someone’s appearance but with their outstanding psyche. You are an individual who finds intellectual intimacy far more appealing than physical affection.

According to Psychology Today, sapiosexuality is the reason why librarians, teachers, and professors are often featured in people’s sexual fantasies. The undeniable link between their professions and their intellect makes them an object for sapiosexuals’ desires. This phenomenon is also observed in The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Eroticaby Bix Warden. In the book, the author suggests that the brain is the sexiest organ in the body, supporting the idea that intelligence is indeed sexy.

What do sapiosexuals look for in a romantic partner?

Sapiosexuals crave emotional intelligence. Their desires are mainly focused on the brilliance of the mind. While they do enjoy other things about their partners, including their physical appearance, what they value the most is their mentality.

This concept implies that a sapiosexual doesn’t get genuinely attracted to someone until they have formed a real connection supported by meaningful conversations. Sharing thought-provoking ideas, discussing unconventional goals and dreams, talking about the complex essence of life is what turns them on. If a sapiosexual finds your mind incredibly beautiful, they would definitely be drawn to you. And if you vibe at the same frequency, then you might just have found the love of your life.

If you appreciate emotional intelligence, if you value mindfulness over appearance, and if you are constantly on the look for new knowledge, then you are a sapiosexual. You are someone who finds cleverness beyond sensual. You get turned on by people who are not hesitant to overuse their minds.

So, are you a sapiosexual? Let us know in the comment section!

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