Sadists Hung A Tire Around Her Neck And Set Her On Fire: The Heartbreaking Story Of Kiara The Dog

The story of Kiara the dog is a heartbreaking one. Despite being a friendly creature, she suffered immense abuse.

Kiara was surrounded by a group of sadists who started to bully her. They put a car tire around her neck and covered it with an accelerant. Afterward, they set fire to it and smiled on as they watched the poor animal suffer.

Police officers were able to extinguish the fire and captured the attackers later on. Nevertheless, the damage had already been done and Kiara was in a state of deep pain. A large part of her skin was completely burned, and by the time she arrived at the hospital, the pain she felt had tripled.

Image source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble

She never cried at the hospital. Instead, she calmly turned her sad eyes toward the doctors in an attempt to plead for an end to her pain.

It was as if she begged them to end her suffering in any way they chose. But the doctors were on a mission to save her.

Apart from the pain, Kiara was also infected. However, eventually, things got even worse as she had an acute internal failure and her chances for survival were getting slimmer.

Image source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble

The worried doctors combined their efforts and intensely started monitoring and caring for Kiara.

And after months of treatment, she finally came back as a much happier and healthier version of herself.

Today, Kiara is a joyous pup in a new home, surrounded by greenery. She has a beautiful doggie friend by her side, and her new family has promised to help her forget the ugly past through boundless love and support.

Image source: ViktorLarkhill/Rumble

We all wish her a wonderful life!

See the video below to understand some of the pain Kiara has had to go through, as well as to witness the happiness in her eyes given to her by the doctors and her new family.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content below disturbing. 

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