Russian doctors complete an open-heart surgery while the hospital is on fire

A team of Russian doctors performed an open-heart surgery while the hospital was on fire.

Credits: Reuters

Last month, a team of dedicated Russian doctors at the Amur State Medical Academy’s cardiology center in Blagoveshchensk amazed everyone, as they performed surgery while the building was on fire.

Despite the life-threatening blaze, the specialists refused to halt the open-heart operation and stayed inside the hospital, while 120 patients and medical workers were being evacuated, Elite Readers reveals. As the firefighters were battling the flames from outside the building, the team of doctors was inside saving the life of their patient.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and the patient was soon evacuated to the regional hospital.

A picture of the doctors performing the operation amid the blaze went viral all across social media. 

Credits: Reuters

Valentin Filatov, head of the cardiac surgery center department, commented:

“There is nowhere to go, the man had to be saved. We did everything at the highest level, as they say.”

Credits: Reuters

By the time the fire started, the doctors realized they cannot pause the surgery, so they made sure they have access to electricity and continued operating. The Amur Region’s Ministry of Health later stated that the surgery went “smoothly, without complications.”

Reportedly, the blaze lasted for about two hours. Luckily, there are no reports of injured people.

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