Heartwarming reunion between woman and foster dog she cared for a year ago

Last year, Kate Howard said goodbye to her foster puppy Winnie.

She never expected to see her again.

The 37-year-old woman is working as a managing editor of the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. This day she was taking the afternoon off to attend a memorial service for her late friend, Heidi.

Usually, she’d be in her office at this time of the day. But not this time, when she was resting on her front porch.

Kate noticed a brown dog taking a break in her front yard.

When the dog’s owner came over to get the pooch, it wouldn’t move. Then the owner called the dog – “Winnie! Come on!”  Kate immediately thought of the puppy she fostered back in 2018.  She shared with Global News:

“I realized it instantly when the owner called her Winnie and I knew her answers to my questions were going to prove it. I just immediately started trying to scramble off my porch and get down to her so I could pet her.”

At first, Winnie moved away. Not long after, she was waving her tail and they were catching up on lost time.

“I have no idea if she actually remembered me, but she might have. After she sniffed me, she came over and rubbed on my legs and let me pet her.”

Kate was so happy to see that the puppy she used to look out for, now was joyful and well cared. The woman who adopted her was clearly a loving owner. She posted this story in a heartwarming Twitter thread.

Winnie is the first dog Kate wasf fostering for.

That’s why their reunion was so emotional and cheerful. The Kentucky woman was so sad when she had to say goodbye to Winnie again.

Currently, she has a 16-year-old chihuahua-corgi mix dog named Foxy, who is recovering from a toe injury. Once Foxy gets well, Katy hopes she could welcome another foster puppy into her house.

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