Restaurant offers ‘broke’ customers one free meal a day – ‘No questions asked’

“No questions asked” – This Virginia restaurant offers “broke” people one free meal a day. 

  • Perfectly Frank started a campaign where customers pre-pay for meals for the less fortunate.
  • Anyone in need of a snack can pick a receipt and enjoy one free meal a day. 
  • The restaurant’s owner shares the initiative “has been the most uplifting experience.”
Credits: u/dupelas/Reddit

“Franks for Friends” is a heartening initiative created by Perfectly Frank – a Virginia-based diner. The “original hot dog joint,” as the team calls themselves, offers one free meal a day to a less fortunate person who cannot afford to pay for it.

But how does the restaurant pay for the food?

As UNILAD explains, clients can come in and pay for meals for a stranger, leaving the receipt on a special board. The sign on the board says: “If you are unable to pay, enjoy a meal from a friend.”

Credits: Perfectly Frank / Facebook

Anyone in need of a hot meal can pick a receipt from the board and kindly ask the cashiers for the food that a generous stranger already purchased for them. 

Credits: Perfectly Frank / Facebook

Tarah Morris, Perfectly Frank’s owner, was initially concerned that some customers may abuse the initiative. She was also worried that her restaurant might not be able to meet the demand. However, as she wrote on Facebook, she realized that “At the end of the day, helping people isn’t a risk. It’s a reward!”

Morris explained:

“During the scariest part of the pandemic, our customers donated money, to the tune of $13,000, to help us feed the less fortunate in our community. It was intense trying to juggle all of the changes going on in the restaurant world along with our new exciting projects.”

Credits: Perfectly Frank / Facebook

What’s more, last month, a kindhearted client left each of the 15 staff members a $100 tip, as well as an extra $500 to help feed the hungry in the community. That’s how Tarah and her employees came up with the benevolent idea they called “Franks for Friends.”

The diner’s owner said:

“One takeout meal, per customer, per day. No questions asked. It has been the most uplifting experience, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

Credits: Perfectly Frank / Facebook

She added:

“I haven’t had a chance to calculate all the donations but by the looks of it FRANKS FOR FRIENDS isn’t going anywhere for a while.”

Credits: Tarah Morris

What do you think of this restaurant’s wholesome initiative? Do you know of other places that help the less fortunate in a similar way? Let us know in the comment section!

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