How to Make Your Relationship More Beautiful This Valentine’s Day

It’s the month of love, and the highlight of the month is only a few days away. February fourteenth is approaching with all the promises of romance and love it conjures in mind. In this one day, you get to dedicate yourself, heart, body and soul to your other half, and show them how much you love them and care about them. The holiday of love presents a great opportunity to celebrate your relationship, whether it is a long and strong relationship, a new flaming romance, or even a relationship going through some challenges.

Finding the meaning of true love is no easy task; it has baffled many of us, and continues to pause an unanswered question for some. Specialists, however, have formed an opinion: true love is “a behavior in which the welfare of another person is the primary intention and goal,” according to marriage therapist Harville Hendrix, PhD. In Dr. Hendirx’s opinion, love as a feeling is subject to change as the circumstances surrounding the couple change. Instead, love should be viewed as a verb in which you give your partner a commitment the is unconditional.

To continue your quest to make your relationship the best it can be, here are ten ideas to do this Valentine’s Day that will make your relationship more beautiful.

1. Get creative

As we get older and start adulting, and facing the responsibilities and challenges grown-up life throws at us, we tend to let go of things we enjoyed when we were younger. The wonder of creation and of learning something new while having fun at air is one of the first things to go. Use this Valentine’s Day to recapture the joy of creativity and share it with your partner. Prepare some colors and start painting together, sketch each other’s faces or even take a pottery class. The joy of being creative and letting your inner child run free will help you both bond on a deeper level, and you will rediscover the joy of learning by learning a new skill, and learning more about each other, as you share each other’s company in this new setting.

2. Chop, chop

For a more intimate dining experience this year, give the expensive restaurant with the violinist a pass and aim for a cozy dinner at home. Here’s the catch, though: you have to make dinner together. Prepare a recipe you want to make for Valentine’s Day dinner, and buy the ingredients. You can choose something simple or elaborate, depending on your culinary skills, and your willingness to take up a challenge. Get together, put your aprons on, and get to work! Cooking together will have you working together as a team in the kitchen, teaching you to rely on each other and coordinate together to take up large common projects. Moreover, the sensory experience of cooking will add an extra tinge of spice to the day.

3. Write your love story

Do you have untested literary skills? Maybe you have been writing tear worthy card greetings, or maybe you have even written your loved one a love letter or two in the past. Now, it’s time to take your writing to the next level, this time with the help of your partner. Put your heads together and start writing a love story inspired by your relationship. One of you can start with the first chapter, and then the next one should read what was written out loud, then take over writing the next chapter, and so forth.

You will both enjoy the creative outlet, and you will get to see things through your partner’s eyes. You may discover how an event in your relationship you haven’t previously given mind to, turns out to have meant a lot to them, or you can get an insight into how your loved one really felt, in detail, during an important moment in your relationship. The practice will sure bring memories flooding back in, and emotions flying. The best part? You will have this story to keep as a reminder not only of this incredibly romantic Valentine’s Day, but as your very own romantic novella.

4. Make a video together

Good times live forever in our memories, but there is still something captivating about documenting the good moments of our lives. It has a way of bringing memories back through a different lens. You look at a picture of you at a time past, and you are instantly feeling the way you felt when that picture was taken. How about you create a video of this Valentine’s Day? Start with short clips during preparation, giving the future viewer a sneak peek at the gift and narrating why you think your partner will like it, maybe say a few words of love and appreciation, and keep filing throughout your Valentine’s Day celebration, from first meeting your bae to your romantic meal together. At the end of the day, you will have a beautiful video of one of your happy days together, and you will have enjoyed the process of capturing your love on film.

5. Go away

If you are looking for a crazy romantic way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, why not go all out and fly away for a couple of days? Traveling together will help your relationship blossom in an interesting and romance-inducing setting. In addition, travel in itself has proven to have several benefits including boosting creativity, relieving stress, improving health and increasing the levels of happiness and satisfaction. What better gift to give your loved one that happiness, health and some time with you away from busy schedules? Take advantage of your time away from home, and use natural ways to increase stamina to make it a weekend to remember.

6. Retrace your steps

If you and your loved one have been together for quite some time, take them on a trip both mental and physical through your relationship. Use a mixture of mental imagery using photographs and old keepsakes, and actual presence by taking your bae back to the locations that witnessed your love for one another. Wear the same perfume you wore your first night together, put on a similar outfit, and on your way to the venue of your first date, play a song that has been playing during a special moment in your relationship. Let the past meet the present at your final destination where your date takes place. Sit together over a romantic meal and go over how your relationship grew and how you got from there to here, going over all the obstacles you overcame and all the good times you had together.

7. Go on an adventure

Plan an adventurous activity for the day that suits both your tastes. If you enjoy the outdoors, take your valentine for a romantic sunset hike. If you feel at home in the water and you live close to shore, plan a session of water sports such as parasailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or kayaking, or if you feel safer on and, try zip lining.

8. Have fun

Good old laughter is one of the best ways we humans bond with one another. Instead of going for a candle-lit dinner this year, you can instead plan for a fun activity where you both get to laugh at and with each other. You can visit the arcade or you can plan a game night at home with your gaming console and order your favorite take-out.

9. A red Valentine’s Day

Sex is one of the most important ways couples connect and feel intimate. The more intimate time a couple has, the happier they are in the relationship. A study investigating what couples wish their partners did in the bedroom showed that both men and women are looking for similar things: a seductive, experimental partner who gives instructions. Take these as cues, and show your partner a good time this Valentine’s Day. Male fertility booster can be useful and could help your night go as planned.

10. Go on a road trip

Pack up your snacks, get your map, or GPS, ready and drive! A rod trip offers the adventure of travel at a fraction of the cost, and they will give you and your bae quality time together to talk and enjoy each other’s company while discovering new places.


Valentine’s Day gives you a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your partner, make new memories and form new bonds. Don’t just go for the same routine every year. Instead, look for an activity that will leave your relationship invigorated, and take your love to new heights after Valentine’s Day.

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