5 Signs that Your Relationship is REALLY Working

Author: Chase Holik

Just because you don’t argue with your significant other all the time doesn’t mean that your relationship is working. Many times, couples will avoid arguing because they think it will damage their relationship. The reality is that a little bit of arguing now and then isn’t so bad. What happens sometimes is couples will bottle up their anger for so long until it all comes out at one. What happens then is even worse that a few minor arguments because the damage could be irreparable.

The five points mentioned below should help you realize if your relationship is working or not.

1. You always feel comfortable around them

Comfort could mean different things to different people. My explanation of comfort is being able to tell your significant other anything without feeling like you are being judged, insulted or looked down upon. You should be able to excitedly tell your significant other about a promotion you got, even if they still make more money than you. Being genuinely happy for one another in different situations is one way that you know you are on the right track in your relationship.

2. Share moments with one another

If you’ve been dating or married for a few years and most of your memories don’t involve your significant other, then you may be doing something wrong. You don’t have to do everything with them, but even the little things that you do should be memorable at times. This could involve things as simple as taking walks through a new park or eating at a new restaurant. If there’s something that makes you happy, then do it with your significant other. The chances are that you will be happier doing it together and have something to cherish together.

3. You want to spend time with each other

If you constantly feel like you need to get away from your significant other to spend time with friends, then it may be time to have a talk with them. Being away from each other occasionally is healthy and it truly does make the heart grow fonder. However, spending too much time away from each other can be difficult to overcome. Instead of going out on a Saturday night with your friends, just stay in and watch a movie at the house with just the two of you. You will be amazed at how such a simple little action can make you love each other even more.

4. Show your appreciation and feel appreciated

Showing appreciation to your significant other is one thing, but receiving appreciation is another. You know it’s always better to give than to receive, but if you are constantly being nagged about different things, you will eventually get worn down. That is also true if you are the one doing the nagging. Appreciation is usually just a small gesture that can go a long way. Whether it’s saying thank you for taking out the trash, doing the dishes or just for spending time with each other, appreciation goes a long way to creating a fulfilling relationship.

5. Support each other no matter what

Life can get in the way of happiness sometimes, and that’s when your significant other needs you the most. Problems at work, with family or other external issues, can bring a person down. Instead of dismissing the issues and trying not to bring them up, be the one that makes the push to talk about them. As much as they say they don’t want to talk about it, they will really feel better when they talk with you. Offer your support and advice, but sometimes that’s not even necessary. Just sitting back and listening can be the biggest support that you can provide sometimes.
So where do you stand on this list of five points? Most of these seem pretty common, but they are usually always the roots of the problems that people have in their relationships. Think about different situations that you’ve encountered with your significant other and try to recall whether these points were present. Making a conscious effort to follow them will go a long way in making your relationship work naturally.

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