8 Red Flags To Watch Out For In Relationships

8 Red Flags To Watch Out For In Relationships

No one could deny the fact that every relationship will be perfect in the beginning.

But you will find the reality only after spending some time with them. And that’s when you will be wondering if this relationship is real and perfect and if he/she is the one for you. These red flags can be spotted after you spend time with your partner and it could lead to the downfall of the relationship if ignored. It is a fact that no relationship could be 100% perfect, it will have at least one red flag. But if a relationship is filled completely with this red flag, it’s time for you to move on if you want to save yourself from the heartbreak and misery.

Even you might exhibit some of these behaviors in this article. So pay attention to this article to build a healthy relationship.

1) They Don’t Put Effort Into The Relationship:

A relationship will work out only if both the persons in the relationship put some effort. If your partner is not interested in a relationship with you, they won’t be invested in the relationship. Save yourself from such a relationship by moving on, unless you wish to be in a one-sided relationship.

2) Takes You For Granted:

Taking things your partner does for granted is the biggest mistake one could do in a relationship. Never take them for granted and never be with someone who takes you for granted. Whatever you do for them, no matter how big or small it is, you should be appreciated. If your partner things that it’s your duty to do things for them, it’s time to pack your bags.

3) They Lie:

If your partner lies to cover their tracks, it’s a huge red flag. There won’t be any trust in such a relationship and without trust a relationship could never be a healthy one. And that’s the end.

4) Don’t Keep Promises:

How often does your partner keep his/her promise? Do they even try to keep their promises? At least do they think before promising something to you? If not, they will keep on promising things, but don’t expect that they will keep their promise. This is a big red flag that you will come across when you are in a relationship with a wrong person.

5) Can You View Their Social Media Accounts?:

This may not be a big sign, but these small signs can really help you to find if your partner is hiding something from you. You know they have a Facebook account and you are friends with them. Try stalking that account, can’t find it? Well, they would have blocked you. Why would they block you unless they are hiding something big from you? You should talk it out with him, if they make a fuss about privacy and his freedom, be careful.

6) Abusive Behavior:

If you face any kind of abuse from your partner, may it be verbal, physical, emotional or psychological, it’s time for you to step out of the relationship. No kind of abuse is ok, there will be no end of abuse, being alone is better than being with an abusive partner. It applies to both genders and it could be named as the biggest red flag.

7) Lack of Trust:

Trust is what strengthens every relationship, it could be termed as the backbone of a relationship. And without it a relationship would collapse at any time. Do you feel like your partner has difficulty being honest with you? Are they hiding something purposely from you? Well, think no more, it sure is a red flag. A relationship won’t last long without trust, so move away from it before it add misery to your life.

8) Less or No Communication:

Do you think that there’s a lack of communication in your relationship? Does your partner find it difficult to express their feelings? A relationship must have honest and open communication. The relationship is not likely to last long if your partner is not ready to hear about your issues. It’s probably because they have no interest in you nor to be in a relationship with you. A relationship must have healthy communication to know each others feelings and thoughts. Lack of communication is indeed a red flag in the relationship.

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